Mission (nearly) accomplished

Yesterday I went out alongside my friend for our first geocaching adventure!

We met at 5AM well equipped and headed to a nearby small city (15 minutes by car); we had already set up a list of 5 caches to find, and all the data had already been sent to my GPS.

For the first cache we parked the car and followed a little path up a nearby hill. We already knew the place where we were heading, since is a known spot to have a perfect view of the nearby hills and cities. The hint was pretty descriptive, so it took us only 10-15 minutes to find it.

The second one was in the center of the park in which the first one was already hidden: it’s a beautiful natural park, and the idea of oing there in the early morning was very good, since there was silence around and you could easily hear the nature waking up. This cache is the only one we missed, not beacuse it was too hard, but because of two ornithologists that were working at less of 50 meters from where the coordinates were pointing us, and they gently asked us to leave. Luckily we sometimes visit this park, so the next time we will be in the vicinity we will log this one too 😀

The third one was surely the easiest, in the central park of the city, since the hiding place was the same of another cache I found some time ago.

Then we headed for another one, and things started to get serious. To reach the hiding place we had to take a very long staircase (I didn’t count them, but there were at least 200 of them. Or maybe I;m wrong and I was just very tired). When we reached the place it took us a god 30 minutes to find the cache, even if the hint was very good!

After a quick breakfast (it was 7AM at this point), we finally started the last one, that seemed the most interesting from the beginnig: a multi-cache.
It was very well done, because you had to substitute letters from a string (N 44° 13.ABC’ E 011° 46. DEC) with number you got from various monuments around the city. It was very entartaining and we discovered some places we never saw in this city.
After we found every hint, we inputted the coordinates in my GPS… and another great staircase was awaiting us (you can see it from the picture)!
We reached then a great point of view of the city. Then we proceeded to search for the cache. After 40 minutes we were about to give up, because we couldn’t think of where to search it anymore… but luckily we found it. Not only finding the coordinates was a lot of fun, but the cache itself was smartly hidden. This was surely the best cache of the day.

We went home pretty tired, but we had a blast. Geocaching seems a very interesting thing, and we already prepared 2-3 list for the coming up week-ends!

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