A Walk up the Mountain

Another week, another early wake up.

We gather ourself at 5AM at the same place and, after 45 minutes of car, we arrive at the starting point of the trail

From there, our walk started. It took us ~1 hour to reach Trebbana, a nearby places with a huge grass field, where I used to play sometimes with friends when I was a child. I didn’t remember the walk to be so uphill, but we finally reach it. And we were welcomed by a friend.

That was a very good prize after all the sweat dropped during the walk!

Then we started geo-caching (we walked for a reason, afterall). First one was in a nearby footpath, at the end of which there was a HUGE secolar oak, and the cache was hidden nearby.

This is a very big oak!

Going back to the grass field we took a grat photo of the landscape

Praise the sun baby!

The second cache was up another trail, but I didn’t take any photo because there was a person there.

The last one was, as always, the hardest. A very long trail uphill, along a Way of the Cross recently built. At the end of it there was a big white cross, where the cache was hidden. We then rested for a bit, and I took the occasion of snapping another great landscape.

We then headed back home: 3 FTF in a day was not bad at all!

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