Along the Santerno River

This time we organized a bit better: I found a place with many caches, in a park along the Santerno River in Borgo Tossignano, a little hamlet at nearl 45 minutes from home.

As usual, we met at 5AM and started driving. We parked at the entrance near a park, and we headed to the near trail. 10 caches to find along the trail. Challange accepted!

  • First one was very easy, we found it in less then a minute. This boosted our moral a lot; geo1As you can see from the image it was very early, since the sun wasn’t completely set
  • The next one instead was very well hidden (or we oversighted it), and we didn’t find it. We searched in the place written in the hint and in the vicinity, but with no luck. We will surely come back to search it;


And we thought a lot about wher to find it….

  • We didn’t get discouraged and we headed for the next one, and another easy find. We also finally reached the river, that stayed with us til the end of the morning;


  • Fourth one was a very fun one, and you can easily see who’s better between me and my fellow geocacher:
    • G: Did you checked there?
    • Me: Of course, it’s the first place where I searched! Coordinates point exactly there… but probably is near here somewhere?
    • G: Have you checked well?
    • Me: Yes, do you think I’m that stupid?
    • G: Put the hand exactly where I searched and take the geocache
    • Me: Don’t say a word. Please.


But great point of view indeed!

  • This was for sure the most funny to found, very well hidden and took us a good deal of time. Meanwhile a smuggler came by (it was like 6:30 AM), but it didn’t bother us too much. A cat also stayed with us for the whole time… and at the end we catched also this one!


  • Another great hiding spot for the sixth cache, but after the previous one nothing could stop us!


At this point we had a little break: we went back to take the car, we had breakfast (finally!) in a little cafe in the center of Borgo Tossignano, then we parked the car near the next cache.

  • The seventh one was the only other we did not manage to find: the hint was very generic and the area very wide! But the place was probably the best of the trail (there was also a recent campfire done probably by student who recently ended high school, with some math book burned). We will come back for this one too!
  • We decided to go away from the original trail for a while, to try discovering another cache. Unfortunately we didn’t read the description properly, so we ended up the wrong place. But, suddenly, a deer showed up in front of us! Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera ready on my hand and I couldn’t catch the animal…
  • Back on the trail, the next cache was near a cableway. Very interesting indeed!
  • Approaching to the end of the trail, the next stop was at a water basin. I suppose that in good days this is a great bird-watching spot! Seems the good habitat for some of the local flying fauna;
  • Then we finally reach the last stop. The view was amazing, with the river taking a curve under a giant natural mountain wall. Great place indeed.

The walk was long, and we were pretty tired. During the walk back to the car we re-encountered the smuggler we’ve seen before and we had a little chat. It’s fun to go around and meet places and people while enjoyng some fresh air.

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