Over the Hills and Far Away

After a short vacation, back to geocaching! I woke up a little later than usual, but at 5:30 AM we were ready in the car!

Our first stop was a nearby city, Castel Bolognese, which at the moment host 3 caches. Two of them were pretty easy, but the other one was simply amazing! Until now it was the best hiding spot I ever found… if you ever happen to pass by, stop and search it!


After  this city run, we had a swift breakfast… then we headed for the nearby hills!

We left the car at 10 minutes of walk from the cache and, after a bit of a walk, we reached a great view spot!

From here it was a matter of minute to find our prize!

Lastly, we reached for another cache, near a sanctuary, but this was very easy 🙂

I decided to start leaving object in the cache, in particular I started dropping in an elastic, of a different color to evaluate how much I liked the cache: red for a bad cache, yellow for an average one, green for an innovative hiding place and blue for an amazing one 😀

I found this thing a funny game inside the game.


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