Avast Ye, Landlubbers – report from GC77NJY event

First even attended for me! It was part of the worldwide event “The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde”, and it was surely a lot of fun!

We gathered at a parking in Castel San Pietro Terme at 16:00, and decided to do a bit of scouring in the vicinity, waiting for everybody to arrive (intense traffic on the highway).

The organizer of the event took us to the nearest cache, in a very beautiful park, with background classical music playing.

We then headed for the city park, in which we found a good number of chaces. Along the way I talked a lot with our fellow geocachers: they are all very friendly people, and I cannot wait to participate to another event!

Finally, at around 17:30, we returned to the parking, where we collected the last arrived and headed to the main cache of the day! Along the way, we stopped for an extra one (if you happen to pass here, search it: it’s one of the funniest containers I’ve seen until now :D).

After ~15 minutes of driving, we arrived on the crest of a nearby hill and went on a little trail: it was really dangerous because in some points you were really over the void, but we safely traveled to the treasure chest!

The landscape was simply amazing!

Going back to the car we stopped for another cache.

We jumped again on our cars and headed to the final multi cache of the day: I discovered a very old and crumbling church. You always find great places while geocaching!

It was time for us to go home, while the other geocachers stop for the dinner and a last night cache.

Had a great time and I hope to reply an event like this!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-16 at 19.52.35

Rare picture of a group of pirates hanging for Castel San Pietro Terme


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