A Night in the Park

Quick unexpected journey: since the global pirate event started, we decided to contribute to the gold account of our crew; hence we’ve done our first nightly search!

We went for an old cache we DNF last time (because of the presence of some ornithologist). Darkness surrounded us since there was no light in the natural park we went inside, but the view of the stars was simply amazing! You could see the whole Milky Way over our heads 😀

Since it was already 1:00 AM we decided to do only one more, and we chose a near one that was recently reactivated. It was a nano magnetic cache hidden near a very beautiful church. It took us ~20 minutes to find it since it was very well hidden, but we also put our hand on this one!


The happiness of finding a cache after quite an effort is remarkable

Now our personal balance is of 10 gold for each of us! Our crew is already far over the required 30 for the second piece of the map, but Saturday we will log like madman 😀

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