Adventure of Two Valiant Heroes

This will be a tale of heroes, that even against the adverse condition, again fought incredible dangers, and in the end conquered the so coveted loot.

The day began early for our men so as the sun was rising they were already walking on a little-hidden trail up in Castel Raniero. As they were constantly looking at the treasure map, they soon found that they were looking in the wrong place. Shortly after they were backtracking, a vicious enemy attacked! It was a giant insect never seen by any human eye: our hero fought valiantly, even if Elian was heavily wounded.


As the wound was expanding, the valiant champions quickly escaped from that cursed place, leaving the local spoils for a later expedition.

They then headed to a  nearby fort, the Marino’s Tower, where they thought a medic could be found. Unluckily, it seemed that the place was already been destroyed but the giant insect, since the fort was crumbling down.


Since no cure was found, and Elian was about to lose consciousness, Gabriele decided to head to the nearest town, Brisighella. There a local innkeeper told them that the only way to heal the giant insect poison was a priest benediction and that the local apothecary could not do anything against the spreading sickness.

Elian’s body was slowly turning to black, but he could still barely walking, so they quickly went to a church protected by a priest famous in all the nation for his healing powers. But again their hopes were in vain: the giant insects already wrecked down the church, and no one was to be seen in the nearby village, Prugnolo.

Elian has lost all the hopes and asked Gabriele to be buried where his family was, atop Monte Battaglia. No one would decline a dying man last wish, so Gabriele put Elian’s body on his shoulder and started the steep climb. Every step was a drop of sweat, but after a while, they arrived at the top of the mountain. The view was amazing, and since the day was very clear, all the cities around were visible.

Gabriele cried a lot since Elian was not talking anymore. He was probably already dead, so he slowly closed his eyes and, after a swift prayer, he was walking away. But then a holy light appeared, granting Elian the so long searched cure.

The adventure was perilous, but our hero came out victorious, as always.



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