From the Heights to the Bowels of Tossignano

Finally, after some months, we came back in Borgo Tossignano to “correct” our 2 DNF and catch some more stashes.

But first we decided to try our luck on a cache along the road, but going at the GPS location gave no fruit. We will try again another time!

The first DNF was a breeze, especially after the extra hint the owner put down, and we went for an easy catch.


You can see the happiness of eliangt finding a fat fairy

Then, after a quick breakfast, we went for the other DNF, that came out even faster than the first one! We really improved our geocaching abilities in the past months!


The happiness grew even higher!

But we didn’t have any idea of which adventures the morning had for us! The last time, we tried to reach the next cache from the second DNF we had just found because the GPS showed it nearly 500m away. We couldn’t be more wrong!

Luckily this time we read carefully the cache description, and we found a marked map with the starting point and the trail to follow. So we jumped back in our car, found the place to park it, and started our walk. The first direction was to turn left after a while, and we did it… at the wrong point. So after a bit, we found ourselves in a large field, but various meters below the level we were supposed to be.

We tried first to jump into the local flora heading directly for the cache, but that became impossible after a while: too many bruises on my legs! We decided for the hard way, heading for a pretty long slope, all the way to the ridge. Our sweat was prized by a great view of Tossignano!


You see that little bridge down there? Here’s where we left the car!

We then scrapped the map and tried to reach the cache, located near a little building we could see from our position. But after a while, no trail was to be seen anymore! I tried again to jump over some bushes, but I only got more scratches. We were about to abandon since the sky was about to get very cloudy and we didn’t want to get into a storm, but suddenly a little path opened on the right! Then after a while, we were able to finally see the building! We basically ran till there and, after a while of scouring, we realized that… the cache was not in the building, but at the top of the mountain, where we came from!

So we headed back and easily logged it, it was very satisfactory. We walked all the way back to the start, but this time we found the correct path. It was a lot easier and with a lot of great scenic views.



We were really tired, but we were missing only one cache in Tossignano (a multi, that seemed interesting), so we decided to head there for the final challenge of the day!

We arrived at GZ and started searching following the hint. Eliangt immediately located where it could be hidden, in what seemed an underground tunnel, but I was sure the final was there, not the first stage. Of course, I was wrong: we headed inside the tunnel and quickly found the first step.


View at the end of the tunnel

But here came the unexpected: the paper inside said that no other coordinate was needed because the final stage was at the same point… but 40 meters below us!

So, since it was not a terrain 5, we asked ourselves what could it mean. We climbed out of the tunnel and luckily immediately found a trail going down around the old castle. We followed it for a while since we arrived at the right spot.


We entered inside and started searching around: eliangt immediately spotted a rock a bit out of place, and we easily found the stash behind it! There were some nasty spiders: I’m not particullary afraid of these, but eliangt throwed out one of his pearl with this comparison: spiders that live in outside world are like normal people, but spiders that live in caves are like serial killers that cook and eat the ears of their victim. I think I will never watch cave spiders in the same way 😀

We called it a day and were very happy for all the adventures of that morning!

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