Quick Report from Pescara

So, this summer I was on vacation in Pescara (actually in 2 different times: one weekend in July and 2 full weeks in August) and I decided to try all the available caches in zone: unfortunately there were only 4 in the city and one nearby.

On the first weekend I went after the easiest one; I already knew this place and the hint was luckily pretty intuitive, so while we were on the bridge we had an intuition and quickly went for the GZ. We found it in a matter of seconds.

Then in August we came back. We searched for a cache near the last one during an evening: we didn’t manage to find it, and before us there was already a list of 4-5 DNF.

Some day after this one we went for another easy one near the train station; the place was pretty cool and the cache was found again in a matter of minutes: the only difficulty here was the lurge amount of muggler.

During a trip outside the city we stopped by Montesilvano, a nearby city. The higher part of it was very cool and again we checked for the cache there. Unfortunately after nearly 40 mintues I had to log a DNF; this time i contacted also the owner that replied me after the vacation was finished, confirming that the cache went missing.

The last one I individuated in the city was a multi, where I wanted to leave a TB that I took in Faenza nearly a month before. It was surely the funniest adventure of the list, and it took us a lot to find it!

After leaving the TB we decided to go back to the first DNF, but again we didn’t manage to find it. I’m pretty sure the cache is missing, so I reported the cache as Need Mainatenance.

That’s all! Next things in the list of TO-DO are the weekly walk I will do tomorrow, a quick Meet&Greet event on Sunday and, if everything goes as planned, I will also attend a CITO in Bologna!

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