Atop the Gesso Vein

Came back from vacation, on the first free Saturday we decided to go out for a little walk. The week before I prepared a google-sheet with a set of walk we can do in the surroundings (max 1:30 hour by car to reach the starting point), so we go for the first in the list, Monte Mauro.

We reach the parking are at ~5:45AM and we head for the main trail. After while we reach a good point of view. The sun still hasn’t rised, so I took some pictures.


These light over there are from Borgo Rivola, a nearby hamlet


My camera is not very good on focus by night ūüė¶

We then keep heading upwards, passing by a pretty big deposit of plaster. Monte Mauro is, infact, the higher mountain of the “Parco della Vena del Gesso” (park of the Gesso¬† vein).

Finally we reach Monte Mauro hermitage, with a little church and a big Mary Statue.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-11 at 08.41.13

From there the top of the mountain is only at about 5 minutes of walk. From the top, we have a 360 deegres¬†view… simply amazing!



Then we proceed searching for the cache. With the hint in our hand it doesn’t take much time to find it!

We come back to the top to take some more pictures



After a while of simply sitting and enjoyng the view, we come back down the same path we arrived. At a certain point we tried to reach a nearby preisthorical cave, but we weren’t able to find it.

Back in Faenza, we managed to hide our first cache… hope it will be published soon!

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