Against the Wind

Very quick report!

So on Sunday I went to a nearby event in Lido di Spina, organized by Lumbricus and attended by other German people. I was the only Italian there, but it was a really nice meeting, even it the day was veeery windy (as you can see from the picture).


After the picture we stopped in a nearby bar that, fortunately, still served us some coffee, even if it was closing. I also brought some chips and beverage, since it was asked on the listing, that I shared here 🙂


After a bit of chatting and TB/geocoin sharing (Lumbricus had like 100 trackables in his box!) we weaved off and went back home.

Two main things i loved of this meet&greet:

  • Firstly, it’s always amazing to know people from around the world with your same hobby;
  • Secondly, I loved the fact that we were of mixed ages: I thought that the majority of geocachers where in their 20s-30s: I’m happy to have been proved wrong

Hope to meet all of them again!

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