Geowalk #1 – Sega del Polvento

Starting Waypoint: Visano
Total lenght: 3.8 Km
Lower point: 462m
Highest Point: 760m

You can download here the full GPS track.

Today I’m alone in my quest, since Elian is busy at work, and I decide to search a cache already logged by him. I head to Palazzuolo sul Senio and, at 6:30 AM, I park my car at the starting point.

Sun is about to rise!

The slope is steep from the start (at least for my standard) and it’s clear from the beginning that it will be an hard walk. After a while the asphalted street become a normal trail, and I encounter two hunters that are probably waiting for the others: boar hunting seasons was recently opened, so it will probably be a common encounter during the next months.


This picture is not really good, but remember that sort of pole in the center!

After a while it seems to me that I’m heading to a private house, so I double check my GPS and, thanks to the satellite images, I immediately see that I’m on the wrong trail! The correct one was behind the hunters jeep, so I didn’t see it before.

After 5 minutes of backtracking I’m back on the correct path, that head towards a pasture, with some cows in it.


I then arrive at a little wooden gate, that I have to open to proceed


I enocunteranother hunter and I ask assurance that no one will exchange me for a boar 😀 After that I come across a small dwelling, and the sun at this point it’s really rising



Another steep walk and another wooden gate are the next encounters on the path!


After a short while I’m really submerged in the woods, with the sun that start playing with lights and shadows around me. Birds start waking up and singing, and it really seems to be in a magical place… I love this feeling!


After 5 minutes I’m finally arrived at my destination: Sega del Polvento. The view is amazing and I can see far in the distance. Legends tell that Macchiavelli passed from here along Pope Julius II in 1506.


You see that pole on the mountain on the left? That was the one that was on my level before!

I enjoy the fresh air for a while then I easily find and log the cache.

The return trip is quick and easy, since now is all downhill. At the end I notice a little church that I didn’t see before.


I arrive at the car and go back home. It was a nice trip and I really enjoyed it. On the way back I make a quick stop at Monte Battaglia to reactivate another cache, since the owner now lives abroad.


Hope someone will check here, since I left a recently found TB.

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