Geowalk #2 – Lusa Banzole

Starting Waypoint: Monte Battagliola
Total length: 6.6 Km
Lower point: 334m
Highest Point: 425m

You can download here the full GPS track.

Today I’m alone again and I decide to proceed with another walk. I park my car at Monte Battagliola and head north.


I woke up a little later than usual, in fact the sun is already rising. The walk was fairly easy, compared to the last week one!


The view was very clear and after a little slope, I arrived at Budrio, a junction between many different CAI trails.


From here the road starts to go downhill and I quickly arrive at the Budrio Dolina (a Dolina is a particular soil conformation commonly found in the Plaster Vein Park). From here I descend on a little trail up to the Lusa Abyss.


You can see the entrance to the Abyss here. Of course I didn’t enter since some specific gear is needed to avoid unexpected fall, but the cache is quickly found out here.

I then backtrack to the Dolina and from here I start going downhill again. I’m in the middle of the wood and the atmosphere is really calm and quiet.

Sometimes the trail comes out in grass fields to submerge again in the woods a bit after.


After a while, I finally arrive at Villa Banzole. Before starting the cache research I explore a bit: the place is really unique and interesting, and you can still see the whole manor structure, even if a lot of it has crumbled down during the years.



I then start searching for the cache: the hint suggests to look at the spoiler picture. I find the place pictured there…. and I find nothing. I keep searching and searching but nothing is found. I was about to lose hope, then I look on the GPS and I notice that the coordinates are a bit off from the spoiler picture. I proceed to reach GZ and the cache is easily found!

The walk back is pretty easy and steady, it was a really nice walk: it’s nice to discover particular places that I’ve never seen near home!

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