Geowalk #3 – Gamogna’s Hermitage

Gamogna was not the only cache I’ve done, so first a little recap of the other thing I’ve done on this morning. Today was International Earthcache day, so I chose one near home. On the way, another traditional was in place, so I decided to stop there first. I arrived at Mount Busca Village to search the first one, but as I stepped in the wood I noticed it was too dark to see anything (it was like 5:50 AM), so I went for the earthcache first.

This is a pretty famous place in the zone, but I never had the occasion to visit it. Simply amazing, especially since it was still dark and the flames were blazing. The wind was pretty cold because the “volcano” is placed in the middle of a flat field, but it was really worth it, even if I decided to send the answer on the site and my hands were shaking 😀


I see fire!

Then I headed back to Mount Busca. It was still dark, but I decided to use my smartphone torch since the cache was not too far from the wood “entrance”. After 5 minutes of walking, I arrived at the cross. It’s a pretty nice glade amidst the tree, and the cache was mine in less than 5 minutes.


Then by car, I went to Lutirano, to have breakfast (I was pretty hungry at that point), and on the road, I encountered like 40 jeeps heading to what I suppose was a boar hunting fight… As I told in my first geowalk, hunting season has really opened!

From Lutirano I headed to my starting point for Gamogna.

Starting Waypoint: Gamogna’s Parking
Total length: 4.5 Km
Lower point: 581m
Highest Point: 802m

You can download here the full GPS track.

So I left the car in front of a gate, where the trail started. Passed over and the climb already started!


Here’s where I left the car.

The first thing I encountered was an isolated dwelling: I don’t know who lives here, but the place is damn cool!


I think it would be amazing to wake up every day with this great view out of the window!

At this point, the trail split: I chose to turn left since I knew it was the quickest (but steepest) of the two trails.


There’s a trail here on the left, even if you can’t see it from the picture.

After a very short downhill, I passed on a green field that I suppose to be a pasture for cows: you can hear their bells everywhere around!


I then headed into the woods, where some fallen trees were in the middle of the trail. I passed another gate and I found some pretty places to take pictures!



Then came out from the wood near a big sundial, overlooking the Gamogna’s Hermitage.


Luckily, this was also the place where the coordinates were pointing me. After a very quick look, the cache was in my hand and I happily logged!

I know very well this place since I came here years ago many times on summer with friends and/or family. It’s a very nice place to have a picnic.




At this point it was pretty late, so instead of completing the circle, I went back from where I came from. I also took a great shot as soon as I was exiting from the woods into the green pasture.


It was again a very nice walk, and went home pretty happy!

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