The Hiker: A Story of the Casaglian Fog

So today was another walk had to be postponed, again for an issue with boar hunters… I’m scared that I will have to stop my geowalks up to the end of hunting season. In fact at 6 AM, as soon as I arrived at the starting place of the ring I had planned for, a person approached me gently asking to leave the place, if I didn’t want to accidentally get shot.

Sad story short I went back by car to the nearest cache I could find in the vicinity, and luckily there were plenty to choose from.

I opted for the nearest one, that also happened to be the starting place that I will use for many walks in the future!

The foggy atmosphere was really amazing!


From there I was about to go back into the car, but on a nearby CAI sign, I noticed a geocaching sticker: double checking on the GPS I saw there was a cache only 10 minutes away. So I decided to head to the indicated trail; the fog was always with, really amazing!


I arrived at the other cache, were a great viewpoint was supposed to be. Unfortunately, the fog decided otherwise for me!


I returned quickly to the car and I headed back to the Colla’s Pass, from where three different streets cross, coming from three cities in the vicinities. Another cache was hidden there and, again, I quickly found it.


From there I decided it was time to go back home, but on the road back I stopped to Crispino, a little city, where I stopped for the last cache of the day.

For the next time, I will have to decide carefully where to go since I asked to the local hunting facility and they provided me with a map of the zones where boar hunting is allowed.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.56.07 AM

The yellow zone is where boar hunt is allowed, so I will have a hard time finding a spot where to hike…

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