Geowalk #4 – Bepi’s Fount

Starting Waypoint: Tramazzo’s Pass
Total length: 5.1 Km
Lower point: 938m
Highest Point: 1003m

You can download here the full GPS track.


Time for my 100th cache!

To celebrate this goal, I decided to go for a cache on which I was keeping an eye on from the beginning, due to its strange name, but never had a chance to search for.

I jump on my car at 6AM~ and head to Tredozio. From there a pretty long ungraveled road climbs the mountain, up to the Tramazzo’s Pass. From there I start my walk!

Right from the start I can see that the woods has amazing colors, since its full Autumn!

I quickly arrive at Poggio Gurioli, a little cover building useful to repair from rain and thunderstorms!


I soon link to the graveled road again and I follow the main path. The trail is really easy and its impossible to lose track.


While I walk I notice that a ton of trails fork from the main one: this is a really good place to reach other destinations and maybe hide some caches (Ponte Lake, Re di Muino etc.). Another pro is that, since we are inside the Park of Casentinesis’ Forests, hunt is forbidden! So no more risk of cancel a walk due to boar hunters!

After a while, amidst the trees, I spot a nice view of the near mountain (probably Col de Caprioli).


Going on the woods its always more colorful, and the sun keeps playing with the shadow… it’s amazing!


From here Bepi’s Fount are really 5 minutes away: the water is really refreshing, and there are also some tables for picnic.

I then head back to the car, taking some more shots of the woods.


While I’m going back home I notice a viewpoint where I can park the car. I stop and look at the landscape: simply astonishing.


It was bleeding colors. I sat there and said nothing for like 15 minutes. I felt so lucky to had a view like that one!

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