Geowalk #5 – Crespino -> Bibbiana -> Prati Piani

Starting Waypoint: Crespino del Lamone
Total length: 3.3 Km
Lower point: 540m
Highest Point: 980m (ouch!)

You can download here the full GPS track.

Finally boar hunting season has ended, so I’m back to geocaching!

I planned this walk a while ago, and this time also my dad came with me, bringing his two dogs.

We arrived at early morning (6:30) at Crespino.


Pretty dark as you can see!

We quite easily reach the starting point of the trail and start going uphill. We even need the torch in the beginning because is really dark, but pretty soon the sun start to rises.


We reach Bibbiana/Case Biana in nearly 30 minutes. The landscape from here is amazing!


Here is stationeted the first cache, that we find in a matter of seconds.

While we keep going on, the light of the sun does some really great ligh-games on the snow


Finally we reach the crossroad (N44° 02.783′ E11° 31.950′) where we have to keep on eye on the correct trail because there are two of them (one going on the left, and the other on the right going to Mount Colonna) and a third hidden: that’s the correct one!

There’s a double issue from here on: the trail starts going really uphill (nearly 200m of altitude in less than 1.5 Km) and there is a lot more snow. It’s then really tiresome going up, especially with our dogs trying to drag us onto the rocks to take the shortest route to the top.

After the first ascent I have to stop for a couple of minutes to get some breathe and I take a photo


Then I turn my head, thinking there should not be much more uphill, since the place is called PLAINS MEADOW chalet… but I think I was misleaded by the name


You see these clouds at the top? We are heading there!

Step by step we climb up, with the dogs getting tired and sitting down at every possible moment.

I have to stop one or two times to catch some breathe, since I’m not used to walk in the snow and it’s really tiring.

Finally, we reach the top, and from the photo you can see there’s a lot more snow on the ground.


After a few minutes we finally reach the Plain Mewadows Chalet! It’s a little self-managed home, where everyone can stop and pass the night if needed.


From here is like 5 minutes walk to GZ, where I was afraid to have issue finding the cache since there’s a lot of snow. The owner luckily probably thought about this and placed it in a place where snow will never reach!

We turn back and we see that clouds have reached the chalet


Luckily we know our way back!

Going back it’s really faster and in a matter of 20 minutes we are back to the crossroad. The initial idea was to go to Mount Colonna too, but I’m to tired (even because of course I forgot water! What a dumbass).

So we go back to Bibbiana, and from there to Crespino, where I stop at the first bar and buy a liter of water. I was so thirsty!

And for today it’s done too, got two caches in 2 really great places!

If you are interested to reach the chalet, there’s a really easier trail (a bit longer but with way less altitude level difference) coming from Prato all’Albero. It’s suggested to come from here!

P.S. At the end of the day the dogs were probably more tired than us!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-10 at 18.58.00

They remained in this position for about all day long

P.P.S After this walk I discovered that my current diet is not compatible with this kind of walk: as soon as I stepped on the car I had a pretty consistent pressure drop (~20 mmHg) and quite a bit of queasiness. So I think I will have to stop until I start assuming a bit more of calories (hope within a month). So still no updates for a while :-/

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