Geowalk #6 – Lozzole

Starting Waypoint: SR302, near Crespino

Total length: 3.6+3.6 Km
Lower point: 460m
Highest Point: 800m

You can download here the full GPS track.

Changed a bit of my diet (I have a real breakfast now :D) so it’s time to go back geocaching. Since Easter Monday was finally a sunny day, the occasion was great to reach Lozzole, a church in the mountains that was rebuilt years ago and I used to reach sometimes when I was younger.

Since I was not still too sure to be capable of doing it, with me I gathered my gilrfriend and my parents. I planned all the caches (7) I wanted to get during the track and here we go, at 9:30 AM we were at the starting point!

The GPS at the beginning was not working very well, so we went over the first 2 cache. The first find of the day was at Vigliano di Sotto, one of the many abandoned house we found along the trail. After the quick stop we arrived at a little old shrine, where another cache was hidden. Here I had some issue finding the cache, but the whole squad joined me and we quickly gathered the stash.


The squad after finding the cache!


Some beautiful flowers near the shrine.

After a while we arrive at another abandoned manor, called Stabbia. It’s huge, it would be great to visit it but the entrances are block. Again we find the cache quickly then proceed on.

Before arriving at the next cache, we pass near a very cool waterfall!


The sound of water falling on a sunny day… is simply amazing.

We then reach the last abandoned house of the route, Fintomorto. This one is in better shape than the others, but it’s locked.



At this point we were really close to our destination. In fact, in a matter of minutes, we reached Lozzole! We visited the church while our dog take the deserved rest outside.


You shall not pass!

From the last time I came here some new wooden sculpture were put inside, like the new crucifix.


From here I took a quick detour to get the last cache. It was really worth it, since it was a great viewpoint!


Lozzole from the viewpoint.


The surrounding mountains from the viewpoint.

After a quick snack and some photos took, we went back! Near the beginning of our route I stopped by the Praticino farmhouse, where I missed the cache at the beginning.

We then headed back to the car, where the final cache of the day waited me!

It was really worth it! A nice sunny day and a beatiful landscape, I will come back in the future to do the whole ring, where other caches are hidden!

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