Geowalk #8 – Prati Piani: the Revenge

Starting Waypoint: Prato All’Albero

Total length: 12.5 Km
Lower point: 1020m
Highest Point: 1120m

You can download here the full GPS track.

Note: the pictures for this post will be a little distorted. This because my camera left me (hope to repair it) and I had to use the action cam, that makes this fish-eye effect.

For the first time from when I started geocaching, both I and Elian had the WHOLE morning free, and not only an half as usual. So the choice was:

  • We wake up later then go for a walk as usual;
  • We just double the walk length.

I think you can guess which we chose 😀


So before heading to the real starting point, we had 3 places where to stop:

  1. Crespino: at this point is one of the cities I stop by the most. We went to the only bar that was selling bus tickets, that could come handy if the walk went as planned;
  2. The first cache of our day: it has a really cool story, check it on the cache page. It’s one of these old tales that are handed down by word of mouth.. really cool!
  3. Colla’s Pass: another cache was here, and Elian didn’t log it, so we quickly stop here.

So after all of this at ~6:30 AM we were ready at Prato all’Albero.

After setting up everything (a lot of equipment :D) we checked for the cache there (again, already logged by me on an older foggy adventure, but no by Elian) then started our planned route!

We quickly reached another cache in a great panoramic viewpoint. This time no fog for me, so I can enjoy the amazing view.



From here we started delving into the woods. The weather is really good and we are still fresh, so we proceed quickly.


After a while, I noticed that we passed over the next cache: this because the sign that should have shown us the deviation from the main trail has fallen down. We quickly backtrack to the monumental holly tree! It’s really tall, even because holly usually grows in bushes.


We look for the cache for ~25 minutes, and I think we even spotted the correct hiding spot, but the container is nowhere to be found.

After the first DNF we quickly Capanna Sicutery, a self-managed shelter recently rebuilt after it was completely burned down in 2011. It’s a really nice log-house with some beds inside where anyone can stop by and sleep.


This time the container is quickly in our hands. I marked this place as a waypoint because one can never know when a sleeping-place should come handy 🙂

Then we went for the Rio Rovigo’s sources, and again the deviation is not well indicated, so we have to do a bit of backtrack before finding them. The water is clear and fresh, but I don’t know if it’s drinkable.


After a little while, we reached the main junction of our trail: we follow on the right going for the CAI 531 trail, that will bring us to Prati Piani, our destination. After a few minutes, we reach the best viewpoint of the day!

No word needed. Astonishing. Again.

After watching the landscape for a while I noticed that the cache was hidden here (no coincidence, the place is awesome!) and we quickly find it.

We proceed along the ridge and we arrive at the next GZ. We probably spotted the hiding place but again we have to log a DNF. Moreover, another shelter should be here around, but we were not able to find it 😦

We then start going uphill and we spot immediately the quick deviation to reach the top of Archetta, where another container is hidden. The very cool thing is that another “logbook” is there, where everyone that reaches the top can sign itself!

At this point, the trail goes downhill until we reached the cache before Prati Piani. I already logged it ~2 months ago, when I reached this point almost fainting.


Not tired at all. Unlike the last time 😀

A few steps later we can finally see Prati Piani!


Deja-vu! I’ve just been in this place before!

It was a bit snowier the last time I got here


We stop for a while eating some chocolate and, since this time no one is in there, I can explore the shelter a bit. It has 10 beds so it can host a group of people!

We do a bit of side-track to the last cache of the day but, as I written in the DNF log, it will probably have to be archived, since the way to the top of the structure is blocked by a newly placed net.


No way to the top.

So, why I bought the bus ticket in the beginning? Because in my naivety I thought it would have taken us a lot less time to arrive here, so the original plan was to:

  • From Prati Piani reach Crespino (45m~ all downhill);
  • Take from there the bus to Casaglia;
  • Go back uphill to the Rio Rovigo’s sources;
  • Head back to Prato All’Albero.

This probably gave me a good lesson on time-planning.

We headed back from Prati Piani to our starting point, using the same exact path as the initial trip.


Last picture of the day, before my cam battery dies!

It was a really nice walk, even if we were a bit exhausted at the end of it. It was 3 times longer than our usual ones. Still, we logged a ton of caches and we saw a good amount of nice places!

Also, having my action cam, I shot many videos that I will probably upload on my Youtube channel in the next days 🙂

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