Geowalk #9 – La Lastra (The Slab)

Starting Waypoint: Parcheggio Lozzole

Total length: 8.5 Km
Lower point: 700m
Highest Point: 853m

You can download here the full GPS track.

Note: again, the pictures for this post will be a little distorted.

I already did a Geowalk up to Lozzole not even a month ago. This time we will use Lozzole as a starting point since is the crossway between many trails. This time we park the car near it since on the other mountainside there’s a road that practically brings you up there.


ElianGT is so excited that he’s dabbing like a mad!

The road from the parking to Lozzole is really short, and we also pass near the first group of abandoned manors of our morning (there will be many), named Campergozzole.


Campergozzole, civic number 5 of Lozzole.

Very shortly from here, we arrive at Lozzole! Also this time I notice a source of fresh water. I mark it immediately on my GPS: fresh water is always needed for this kind of walks.


Fresh water!


A month ago I arrived here from the other side.

From here we start the real walk. We make a very quick detour to find a cache Elian need to log, and then head back to our main trail. We quickly arrive at the cache. It talks about a very sad story of two people dead more than a century ago due to an avalanche.


Little shrine

The strangest thing to me is to think that once upon a time there could be so much snow here to cause an avalanche! Times really have changed.

From here we start going a bit uphill and we arrive at the main junction of the day


Nice view from the junction

You can go in 4 different directions from here! There’s also a cache near, and after getting it we proceed a bit further just to visit Caste’, a self-managed refuge. It’s simply awesome inside, even if there are no beds. But it seems very comfortable and there’s also a fireplace.


There’s also a very nice view from here!

We backtrack to the junction and we should proceed on one of the trails to the next abandoned manor: but seeing that the way is all downhill and that the trail extend the road a bit too much, we finally decide to do our first off-trail deviation!

Thanks to the GPS we are sure not to get lost (even if the way is really short) and we deepen in the woods!


No way but the hard way!

We then emerge from the woods exactly near the next abandoned manor, La Casetta (The Little House). Here, of course, another cache is hidden.


This one also is crumbling down

We also get the time to re-apply the bug repellent, since we hear them a bit too near. We quickly log this one also and then proceed down along the trail.

Along the way, we quickly get another container then keep proceeding.

We pass by some nice viewpoint!


How I love the Apennines!

The vegetation has some change during our walk (because of the higher humidity? ElianGT can know better!) and it seems more like a jungle. We then arrive at Ca’ Il Piano, another big abandoned manor.

ca il piano

This one also is crumbling down

We get the cache hidden here then proceed. We pass by a secular chestnut a bit off the trail.


Dat chestnut!

Then we headed along the main trail to reach the last cache of the day, and something pretty funny happened. We arrived at ~25 meters from GZ, just to notice it was not on the main trail, but a bit out of it… so we needed to do a bit of climbing to reach it!


We started the climbing down there, and you can’t even see the trail from where we started!

It was really entertaining, and after some extra sweat, we arrived at the top, at the last abandoned manor of the day, called La Lastra (the slab).


This one has completely crumbled down instead

From here we enjoy the landscape


Elian’s not tired from the climbing!

From here we were a little scared to make the reverse climbing since it was very steep. But of course, there is a trail! We just didn’t see it because is full of fallen trees and long grass. So going back is far easier 😀


The “trail”. I can barely see it even now that I’m standing on it 😀

This trail, of course, is unmarked on maps and GPS, but it proceeds past La Lastra. Sooner or later we will come back to see where it goes, I’m too curious! But it’s a bit late now so we start going back. As soon as we reach the main trail, I mark the deviation on GPS, so I can easily find it the next time.

We then head back to the main junction and from here to Lozzole and our car.


Some more awesome landscape!

The walk was really satisfying, even because we logged no DNF! Great job as always.




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