Geowalk #10 – Monte Macchia dei Cani

Starting Waypoint: Passo del Paretaio

Total length: 6.95 Km
Lower point: 888m
Highest Point: 1022m

You can download here the full GPS track.

To celebrate the 10th geowalk, we went not much away from where I did the first one. And today there’s a good amount of fog: great atmosphere!


New walk, new pose!

We quickly head along the trail and, due to the recent rain, we immediately see a lot of mud: it will be funny, I promise 😀


Muddy trail all the way up.

The first interesting place we find is a sort of fountain where to drink. Since I don’t know if the water is tap, I don’t fill my canteen here.


Will it be for the animals?

We quickly reach the first geocache of the day, near a cippus dedicated to the partisans dead in these mountains. The fog is beginning to rise… It won’t get any better going on!


We then go back to the fountain and from here we take another trail. Checking on the GPS we see that Mount Faggiola, our next stop, is pretty near but out of any trail. We plan to circumnavigate part of it then do the shortest path possible out of the trail. Doing this we arrive to a clearing from where we can really enjoy the foggy atmosphere!


There’s also a little swamp!


The trail is getting muddier and muddier, until we arrive at a point where it seem feasible to go up to the top. We start climbing up and we quickly reach the GZ of the next cache.


“View” from the top


From here there’s a not well marked trail that brings you directly to Mount Macchia dei Cani. We didn’t know it unfortunately!

We then headed downhill to reach again the main trail, near the fountain junction. We have to proceed slowly because it would be easy to fall down due to the mud.


Elian leading the way!

Reached the main trail we proceed along it. From here the walk is a piece of cake, with the fog releasing us just a bit.


Yes, just a bit.

After a while there’s a little junction near a sign about Dogana, the old ruined control-border between Granduchy of Tuscany and Papal state. From here uphill we quickly reach the last cache at the top of Mount Macchia dei Cani!


Again, “view” from the top.

The round-back trip is really quick, since we don’t need to do any detour now!


It was a nice and quick walk, since we weren’t too sure about the weather, but it was really pleasant to do some off-road exploration again!


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