Not Missing. Just Exploring.

It’s been quite a while since I updated the blog, but there’s a valid reason. Unfortunately, the user fabio4x4 archived all of his caches (500+). 90% of our geowalks were organized around his caches, so this event really blew us.

But we will not be demoralized (too much) by this! We decided to start hiding caches in the same spirit of fabio4x4: caches hidden along hiking trails, maybe hard to reach, but surely very satisfying! So we created a shared account and we started hiding without going too far from home.

From now on probably the blog will follow a little different schema: I will not post a direct link to the caches to avoid unwanted spoilers. But will for sure add plenty of pictures of landscapes around us.

The first objective of our hiding plan was the Plaster Vein Park, that in our opinion host a very little number of caches. But since it’s simply amazing we thought that it would be a good place where to attract geocacher. If you follow my blog you already saw the park when I talked about Monte Mauro.


Posing is still our top priority

So this post is a sort of recap of our last 3 outdoor adventures, even if this time we are on the other side of the barricade. Hiding has an extra component that looking for geocaches has not: exploration. But not “planned” exploration (the cache is here, I explore here). It’s free exploration!


Is there a way past this wall? We are about to find out!

It’s magical. We found untracked trails. We fixed some existing trails on OpenStreetMap that had pretty old information. Every nook and cranny had a meaning. No meter of ground was wasted. We decided where the game would have lead us, not otherwise. It was a more meticulous thing. For 3 times we went out in the same zone, pretty near to our homes. We now know that zone really better, we can easily orientate ourselves there without maps, GPS and compasses; every time we found something new, better and more exciting. We LIVED that place. I don’t know if I’m able to explain myself, it’s something that really hit you in the guts (if you like exploring, of course).


One of the random caves that we found, just exploring.

Of course, this kind of things leads you multiple times in the same zone before declaring it as “conquered”. Is not anymore a matter of putting up happy smiley in the map, but is more something along the line “have I ever tried to turn right here? Where this trail would lead?”. In fact, we will need at least 2 more explorations in the Park before being satisfied and moving on to another zone. You can really have an adventure wherever you want, you are not pointed anymore by the game. You are making the game!


How to reach the place where this picture was taken was a secret to everybody.

Who knows, maybe with this new way of considering geocaching our radius of action will decrease. We will go nearer home. It’s not a problem. It’s a new adventure. I can’t wait to live it.


Leaving the past behind with no regrets

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