How to Prepare for the Perfect Adventure

Tomorrow it will be again an hiding day and I can’t wait to go! Unfortunately my adventures buddy will not be with me, but still, I want to do something fun.

You see, as I already stated in the previous post, the fact of going for sure in a place where I’ve already gone a thousand times (but with different eyes) will only make things better.

Again in the Plaster Vein Park, but I can’t decide where to explore

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 15.12.55

As you can see from the above image, every waypoint it’s a place that we should AT LEAST check to see if it deserves a cache. Really a lot of them! All this waypoint were gathered using OSM, but for example, I don’t know if the houses are used or abandoned. Abandoned manors, like the one we explored near Lozzole, are usually amazing!


I LOVE abandoned houses!

Another nice place where to hide are caves: the zone around the park is full of little ones (there’s also one abandoned village called Crivellari, that in English is something like riddled, just to highlight how many holes there are in the ground nearby!). The safest way to “use” them is to hide the cache nearby the entrance, so the cacher doesn’t have to go deep inside the cave, where it’s usually very dangerous!


It doesn’t seem, but these are different caves.

As I noted before another really awesome thing to do is to map where you are and note down any POI (point of interest) and then report it on Since the map I use in my GPS is retrieved by this service it automatically means that any improvement I help to do there will be reflected in the next release of my maps!

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 16.43.58

The brown rail that becomes green near the number 400 does not exist anymore!

For example, in July release many changes will be done in this area thanks to the exploration and mapping that we did. I find this thing amazing since you can help yourself in latter explorations AND the community of hikers/geocachers etc. at the same time.


Can you see the trail? Neither do I… and it gets worse after the turning on the right


Luckily there’s another trail 🙂

So, with just a bit of planning, you can easily fill with caches any interesting places near your living place! Don’t let yourself be discouraged if there are not many containers around, you can make the game better for everybody!


Where do we go? Nobody knows. The important thing is to never stop.

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