A New World Awaits

So on Saturday, as I said in my previous post, I went alone for some exploration in a Natural Park not far from home (~30 minutes by car).

First thing first, I discovered that the correct name of the park in English is “Gypsum Regional Park” Park, not “Plaster Vein” as I always translated!


Didn’t even know there was an official translation

And the following is a perfect example of what I mean by exploration! I had some ready-to-go containers in my backpack, but I didn’t even know if and where I would have dropped them. On my GPS I only had two waypoints I wanted to reach: two caves (Cat’s Cave and Badger’s Cave) and I knew which trail passed between them. Of course, I kept an eye out during my walk, just in case!



After a bit I encountered a junction and, of course, I went in the wrong way. I noticed it after a while and, instead of backtracking, I decided to proceed in spite of the fact that the trail I was on was not mapped (and this for me was only a positive thing: more data to add to OpenStreetMap once at home!).

After a bit of downhill path, I spotted what was probably a fawn in the distance, but it ran away too fast and I wasn’t able to snap it!

Just around the corner, I arrived at a great grass field.



And after just a bit I reached an abandoned manor: what a surprise! It was really unexpected since I didn’t know it existed.



Here’s the magnificent abandoned manor Piante’

From here I proceeded along a bit bigger unpaved trail and reached the main road. From here there was a really great view!


I then decided to go back from the main trail (the mapped one!). After a bit of uphill road, I arrived very near to where I marked the 2 caves. They were to be out of the road so I went down from the steep side of the mountain.


I can see no cave :-/

After searching for ~20 minutes I found nothing. I was a bit discouraged by this and I went back on the trail.


Snatch… now I have to go back up there!

After no more than 5 minutes of walking, I discovered a great panoramic point, that was practically above Piante’!

It was a really nice place and I stop there for 15 minutes, looking at the paper map to double check the cave entrances, but I found nothing.


A really nice view, Piante’ is the house in the lower right

After a bit of relax, I proceeded and went back to the first junction, where I went on the wrong way. I then reached another junction (I passed there also at the beginning of the route) and I decided to correct some map data that were obviously wrong, like 2 trails that are linked but were not on OSM. This, of course, brought me to another nice discovery.


What a great grass field… and if you look closely, you can already notice something strange

I arrived in a big grass field that I never discovered. And in the middle of it, there was a big “Dolina” (a geological formation, like a big well in the terrain).


It’s not very clear from the picture, but there’s a big hole!

From there I went back to the starting point passing from another not mapped trail… and that’s all! It was a great morning, I discovered and mapped many new things, even if I didn’t found exactly what I was looking for. This will only give me more possibilities to explore this place!

In fact, looking online, I found the exact location of the two caves… so it won’t be long and I will discover them. Maybe on Saturday đŸ™‚

And this is what exploration means to me. Looking something but finding a totally different thing, that you didn’t even know it was there!


I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. But maybe I found something better.

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