How to Conquer an Unknown Mountain

The exploration in the Park is going very well. The Gypsum Regional Park has another little Park inside (Carne’, I’ve surely already told you about it), and I probably finished exploring it. Or, at least, I’ve seen everything I wanted to see in it!

This post will be again a sort of recap of my last two explorations outside since the path followed was pretty similar. The main difference is that the second time I wasn’t alone: Francesco came along to make some cool shots, that I had the permission to use here, you can see more of its work in his Instagram account.

So we arrived as always in the early morning and, even before arriving at the parking, we nearly hit a deer running around: unluckily we didn’t have the camera in our hands to take some cool shot đŸ˜¦

Since Francesco wanted to know something more about Geocaching I let him choose from which cache to start (all of them were hidden by me, so no big issue on helping him if needed :D)

Arrived at the first GZ a great view was right there for us!


From here we took my usual route to show Francesco some of the GZ I found in the previous hike here: first and foremost Piante’, and from here we went up on a new route that brought us to another abandoned house for which I didn’t find an official name


There are a lot of blackberries here!

And from here the real adventure starts! On the paper map, a trail was marked going uphill and I was very curious to see where it led… but it was really completely covered in brambles. There was really no way to go over it without getting a ton of scratches. So we took a little detour, crouching under some trees, and we were able to re-join the original trail a bit further, even if it was really eaten by the vegetation.


No trail to be found, as you see

After a while, we arrived at what it seemed a little path. We decided, instead, to proceed down in the near woods and luckily we arrived on a trail really near!

From here there was a little crossroad: on the left I quickly scoured and the road brought us to the backyard of a house, so we quickly discarded that way.


In the other way, instead, we quickly reached the enclosure of another house. We were about to go back (a pretty quick way to be fair) BUT checking on the GPS I found that there was a nearby mountain, Mount Spugi (don’t really know what Spugi means :-/) and we quickly decided to go for it!

Remember when I said that there were a lot of brambles? It was not even comparable to how many were here! Luckily Francesco had a very useful knife that we used to clear some of the paths, but a lot of blood and sweat was left in that wood.

After quite a bit of effort, we earned the top of the little mountain! Without getting too far from here, across a nearby vineyard, we arrived at a gorgeous viewpoint!


Nice prize after the thought hike

From here the road was pretty straightforward: we went back to Rontana (a nearby mountain) and from there we were back in our car in no time!

It was a really nice hike and I discovered a couple of places I never saw. Next time I don’t know when I/we will be headed, but a lof of surely nice adventures still await outside!

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