No Line on the Horizon

I’ve written literally nothing for a while. Firstly because there’s something really interesting boiling in the pot, and I will probably have a really interesting post on November, stay tuned!

Secondly, I’m really into OpenStreetMap at the moment. I surely already told you about the project, but I’m delving deeper now! I have an user page there and I’ve started two different projects: one regarding the importation of the various caves in my region using regional official data, the second one (most important) it’s a whole overhaul of the CAI tracks in my region. This is something really exciting to me, since it means that from now on, every time I will be on a CAI track, I will have to report the position of any sign and populate the map with it.


Sign like this are not mapped basically at all in the map, and the prove very useful to know, before leaving home, how the time are splitted along the trail. So this will be another thing to keep track of while on my travels.

Nothing else more to say to be fair, I’ve also hosted a talk about this project (when the video will be available I will post it here) and I just wanted to give some example of what’s the kind of work I’m planning to do.

As you can see from the screenshot below, all the relations regarding CAI trails need major upgrades

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 14.41.41

This above is the trail named CAI 531 from Crespino del Lamone up over the Archetta mount (I’ve done all of it, once coming up from Crespino to Prati Piani and the other time coming from the Archetta). As you see there’s only one point at the beginning of the route, that is the sign I’ve shown in the other picture: the goal is to have a point at every signpost. Of course, while there, I will map every interesting detail: gates, trash bins, pic-nic tables etc. This will be very useful for me in future trips, but also for anyone using OSM data. It’s basically what I was already doing with the waypoints in Garmin BaseCamp, but saved in the cloud and shared with everybody!

The main idea is to go out with my Field Papers and start noting down every useful bit of information!

Another very cool feature of the project is that I can identify areas: this, in this season of boar hunting, can really helps to identify where to go knowing you will find no hunter in the way.

This for example are 2 natural parks not far from where I live (the second one has you see still needs some correction on the boundaries :D) and gives me a quick idea of where is safe to stay.

The uMap I created can help me integrating this 2 informations, allowing me to check things at a glance. On Friday I will probably go out on my first expedition of this kind (hope the weather will not crash on me!)


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