Needs Unarchived, or how to revive a forgotten place

This is the perfect example of a cool project born directly from the Italian Geocaching community. The idea is really simple: take a cache that was archived (because the owner does not play anymore or any other motivation) and re-publish it to let people know of an old adventure you had or simply because you think that it’s worth it. The only requirement is that you add the [Needs unarchived] tag somewhere in the name, so the website can automatically keep track of it.

Nothing too complicated, and since as I already said fabio4x4 left the game owning 500+ caches, there are many of them that, in my opinion, deserves their [Needs Unarchived].

In these summer, both alone and with Eliangt, we planned quite a bit of these. They will be published probably the next month, since I’m finalizing some details with the old owner.


I think everyone should discover view like the one in the picture, and a geocache in that place can only bring visibility to it. And this is only one of many places that Fabio offered to us, just to enjoy some peace in the woods


And this goes on and on. There will be two different kinds of this thing: one where we will go back in places where we already discovered the cache and simply check if the container is still in good shape

Surely the whole Fogare zone wil be re-cached

The second one is about places where we still have to find the cache. Luckily I have saved all of his caches before they were archived, so we know where to look. Meanwhile we will of course hide also new caches in places nearby the [Needs unarchived] ones.


It’s a huge plan, it will probably be the project of a life. The road is long, but shiny. It can only get better from here on.

See ya in the woods 🙂

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