It (was) a secret to everybody!

And finally, the day arrived! The day for which all our plans were initially made, starting back in May.

Our profile, that we can now finally link, was done initially just to host an event like this one, with the “invisible” owner following you all along.

Of course, things are never smooth, hence elianGT was sick and could not participate. But we couldn’t postpone the event due to many factors. A thorough report of the event will follow, but first, let me do some considerations.

We hang in Park Carne’ for quite a bunch of time at this point. We mapped many new trails and caves in it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.43.20

We really improved the map quality a lot: caves, new trails etc.

There were only 2 caches in the park and now there’s a grand total of 11 (two of them with still 0 found). It was a pretty long thing, but we are happy with it. The picture you will see in this post are not from the event itself: they are collections of the best shots I’ve taken during the whole preparation. Now to the event!

No one, of course, knew who ef8x8 was, so the whole event was about discovering who this mysterious geocache owner was. I reached one of our caches and proceeded to hide this picture at GZ.


EF8x8 in all their awesomeness

This would have been the final “treasure” of this hunt. Then I went back to the event GZ, attached an envelope with all the hints needed and then waited for the other attendants in the car.

When all of them arrived, I discovered the envelope with them: inside there were a series of maps leading the way to the various caches I planned to reach with them (with a new one published for the occasion).

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 14.27.29

This was the route, and the Vespignano cache on the left side was a new one!

Basically, in this way, we visited the whole Carne’ Park and touched many of the interesting points we can find there.

Abandoned houses:

And some amazing panoramic point:

It was really cloudy, but luckily it did not rain at all.

We then reached Vespignano, where we had Laeman blessing our geocaching tools


Then the uphill part of the trail started and we dropped some real sweat!

Finally, we arrived at the GZ where our picture was hidden… and my teammate’s reaction was priceless! No one had a suspect on the real identity of EF8x8 😀

We then completed the tour passing near Rontana and, from there, back to the starting point.

It was a really nice tour, and since finally the real identity of ef8x8 was disclosed, I can add some more project page to this blog. You will be able to find some more details on the respective pages but let’s says that we have 2 kinds of caches in mind:

  • Brand new caches but always related to hiking. After all, that’s why this profile was made. We have currently two mains series planned:
    • [PPVG] – “Panorami del Parco della Vena del Gesso” (Landscapes in Gypsum’s Vein Park), where we lead people to the best viewpoint of the park;
    • [LCDS] = “Le Case Di Smeriglio” (Smeriglio’s Houses, it’s a temporary name), where we plan to cache all the abandoned houses of the old Lozzole’s parish;
    • We will also have caches not related to any series.
  • [Needs Unarchived]: this will be mostly fabio4x4 caches that we will bring back to life. We already published 6 of them and plan to have many more in the future.

So, now I would say that the real adventure starts! Make sure to visit the project section of this website as soon as it goes online, where we will keep track of ALL our caches!








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