Intermission – Time to Change Map!

The day has come. The last update of Mac OS (Mojave) totally broke GarminBaseCamp. It is really unusable (for example all the route are now split automatically into many pieces based on where you clicked when you created it). I’m not eager to wait for a fix since there was no update to GarminBaseCamp for years (except for the GDPR one), so it’s time to change software! There are a TON of alternatives, even if most of them don’t offer as many features as BaseCamp did. My basic requirements were:

  • Possibly open source and active (so I can hope it will be updated frequently);
  • Works on all platform (Linux, Windows, and MacOS) since in this moment I use all of these;
  • Possibly can easily share data between the various platform (sort like BaseCamp worked before the GDPR update)
  • Can, of course, use any map I desire and create a route on it.

After a lot of looking around, I chose QMapShack.

It needs a bit more configuration in the beginning since you have to provide the following:

  • The map, in my case the Freitzeitkarte rendering from OSM;
  • The altitude values;
  • The route database;

The software is very well documented and has a link for all the needed data: the really awesome thing is that all the data are open and readable, so what happens is that you have a folder structure like this one:

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 17.38.21

And you can easily share all these folders in any way you like (in my case I use FreeFileSync, as you see), making very easy to have the same data on all the computer I use.

The application itself is pretty easy once you get the hand on it:

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 17.43.40

All the data are on the right: QMapShack organize data in workspaces (instead of folders) and you can easily copy data between them and hide/unhide completely one workspace in the map.

Of course, is perfectly integrated with handheld GPS: if you plug it in you will see the device in the list with workspaces.

It’s pretty easy to use and, if you encounter any bug, you can post it in their bitbucket repository ( and, at least in my case, they will be very quick in answering, meaning that the project is really active!

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