Welcome to the Jungle!

Exploration day! What we planned was simply to do maintenance to one of our caches, but it went totally astray after that.

So we woke up pretty early and we were at the starting point at ~6AM


I know, shitty quality in the dark :-/

We headed up on a well-known trail, that is part of CAI 503 trail (we never did a full round-trip of it, but we will in the future). After a quick slope, we arrive at the tower because while we are here we double check that our other cache in the zone is in place. We also take a quick shot to the nearby landscape.

From here we delve into the woods to check if our cache needs some maintenance. Luckily Elian knows this zone pretty well because I would have taken a much longer trip to reach the destination! Once we reached GZ, after a quick look, we can confirm that the cache is in place.

At this point, we go back to the main trail and notice an abandoned house on the cliff in front of us


From my maps it seems to be Ca’ di Sassello, a house on the border between the districts of Ravenna and Forli-Cesena

We decide that a cache there would be awesome, but we can’t, of course, reach it directly: we have to do some backtracking. We arrive again on CAI 503 trail and from there we take a turn left. In a matter of minutes, we reach the junction that would allow us to proceed to the abandoned house… but a strange detail gets our attention.


Who knows which animal this skull was…

Since this skull it’s hanging from a tree at the side of another path, we decide of course to take this newly discovered trail! The way is large and clear and after 15 minutes of walking, we reach a good ridge from where we have a great view of the opposite mountains, the one that divides us from Brisighella.

We proceed but the trail ends abruptly at an enclosure that contains a private field. Since the enclosure is heavily damaged we climb over it and enter in the field, hoping to reach quickly a trail, but after 10 minutes we see the owner house in the distance. Since it’s still 7:15AM we decide that is not a good idea to proceed and we backtrack.

Since we usually try to change trail on the trip back, as soon as we have an occasion we deviate from the road climbing back up using the tower as a reference point


Not really a trail, but we can proceed

Unexpectedly we reach an abandoned trail (we never heard about it) that proceeds on the left. We take it, hoping it will help us reach the starting point. After a while, unluckily, it abruptly ends… or at least it seems. To be fair, the path proceeds, but it has been engulfed by the vegetation. This, of course, will not stop us!


Elian is clearing the path

In a matter of minutes, we are engulfed too by the vegetation. We know where we have to go (we have a decent sense of orientation), but we don’t know how to reach it. We also start to crawl to avoid some portion of the vegetation because there are ton thorns.

This gives you an idea of where we were stuck

After some crawling and fighting against the thorns we finally arrive at the destination… or at least we finally come out from the woods!

We are, in the end, again against the enclosure but at a higher altitude.


The lower part of the red line is where we met the enclosure the first time, you see that we approached it again once out of the woods!

We quickly overcome a little ridge and then turn left on a big and large trail (or at least it seemed it after all that crawling).


Easy peasy from now on

We start descending (finally) and we reach a piece of rock that seemed to be crumbled recently

We finally see the road where we went by car this morning…. but more fences prevent us to reach it! We then start skirting them, but it seems to be impossible for us to directly reach the road. And after a minute the path starts going uphill again!


We were skirting this cool field

We were already prepared on going back to the tower than descending again… but what’s that in the distance?


Our car appeared to us under the sun, like a miraculous vision in the distance! We went through the field rapidly and we arrived at it finally! We played down on a cement roof for a while to recover some breath.


Picture from the spread position

This sums up our morning, we walked for a bit more than two hours, but they were so funny!

Before coming back home we decided to buy some new equipment for the future, just in case


Next time we will be stuck in some vegetation these could be useful

Next week (if the weather is good) we will start with the reactivation of some caches for the LCDS series; if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check it here!

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