The Houses and the Rising Sun

Our last hike, as previewed, was totally dedicated to our new series, LCDS!

The zone around Lozzole is very well known to us, and we did basically the same path as today nearly one year ago. This time though we had a different objective in mind: if the last time we had a bunch of caches to find and log, this time we were around to reactivate some of them and also to place some new one.

We park the car in the exact same spot as the last time and we start our trip. The weather is uncertain, but it will not hold us.

Our first stop is Campergozzole, a little abandoned hamlet probably the property of a rich person.

The very cool thing about this group of houses is that on one door you can still found the house number plaque

Number 5 of Lozzole?

Here we hide our first cache and we proceed to head toward Lozzole. The air is fresh and a subtle wind is blowing.


We quickly arrive at Lozzole and we head south onto the CAI 529 trail for a quick detour since we want to reach Fintomorto, an abandoned hamlet situated 5 minutes away from here. On the way there we see a little path uphill and we decide to take it: it brings us to another abandoned house that we later know to be called Poggiolo.

It was a good idea to come here also to enjoy the scenery: being this house a bit uphill gives us a great view of the surroundings!

From here, of course, we can already see Fintomorto

We descend taking some shortcut directly down to the main path and in a matter of minutes we arrive at our destination! We quickly reactivate the cache here and we also drop a trackable!

Clouds are moving so fast that is gets dark sometimes

We head back to Lozzole and this time we head west, where there’s another container to reactivate. We sit there for a while, enjoying the view and catching some breath. The air is fresh and still windy, perfect for a good hike.


We proceed north around the mountain, heading to the sanctuary dedicated to the Barzagli’s brother. This time we know a little more about their story, thanks to Smeriglio’s interview. On January 1868 these three brothers were walking on this trail, probably transporting goodies and an avalanche from the above mountain killed them. They were very young, respectively 20, 18 and 15 years old: today there are three little crosses, placed in 1950 by their niece, to commemorate them. We reactivate the cache here and we proceed.

The three little crosses as we approach from Lozzole

We quickly gain some altitude and we arrive on a big plateau, looking on Caste’ refuge.

The wind here is razor sharp, it’s freezing due to it! You can hear it in this snippet

We quickly reactivate a nearby cache then approach the woods south from here, heading to the next abandoned manor. The marked path is long and would need us to backtrack quite a bit, so we decide to dwell amidst the trees and proceed in a straight line.

We regain the path near another abandoned manor, Casetta, where we quickly reactivate the cache.

I didn’t take any picture here, so here’s one from one year ago

From here we head west along the marked trail to the junction with the bigger path


We then arrive at another little plateau where we have a radio contact! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to understand anything, being it abruptly interrupted probably due to the bad weather above us (it was getting cloudy). We then decide how to proceed, because there are two possible paths leading in two different places:

  • Heading on the main path we would reach Ca’ del Piano and La Lastra, two abandoned manor with two caches to reactivate;
  • Taking the smaller path on the left would bring us to Pian dei Bonacci. We never went there so we only knew that some abandoned houses should have been there.

Since we passed the morning marking the known path, we decided to go for something new and we turn left!

In a matter of minutes, checking the map on the GPS, we see that there are many bends to do to reach our destination. Since we are going downhill we decide to cut through them!

We get again on the marked trail and quickly reach Pian di Bonaccio.

At first, we are welcomed by an abandoned manor, but around the corner, we have an amazing view! It seems really like a place stuck in the past, engulfed in ivy and vegetation.

I personally think this location would be awesome for some sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie! I was so amazed that I also shot a quick video

We placed a cache here (of course not going down in the vegetation, since we didn’t want to deface the vegetation cutting through it) and started heading back! The sky was getting a lot darker and some rain started to drop.

After less than an hour of walking, we are back at Lozzole and the sky is getting clearer again

From here it’s a matter of minutes, passing again through Campergozzole, to be back in our car!

5 reactivation and 2 brand new caches: not bad at all for a single hike! We will have to come here again to finish up the work, but it was a great morning.

Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 17.56.48
The updated situation: green = cache, blue = to reactivate, red = no cache

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