Going Down the Ridge

For our weekly hike, this time we choose a bit different pattern than usual. We are still working on our LCDS series, so we decided to add some more caches to abandoned houses, but we didn’t find a clear path on how to reach some of them. We just knew what we thought it could be a good starting point, and we just wanted to explore going up from there.

As usual, going for a more explorative approach was the right idea!

For this time also my dad joined us, so we were a group of 3 people trying to reach the decided point on the map, but without exactling knowing the way.


Low effort meme

A bit of context to exactly understand what we were trying to do.


Given this initial plan, we first decided to reactivate some caches deactivate from fabio4x4.

After our usual early wake up at 6:30 AM we reach Fantino (the parking in the map) and from there we start heading along CAI 529.

We pretty soon reach the first cache we want to reactivate, Praticino. This is one of the few manor that has been restaurated and is currently inhabited!

A quick way from there and we reach the first abandoned manor of the morning, Vigliano di Sotto (or Villiano di Sotto, depending on the sources).

This one, looking at the sign, seems to be on sale! Would be awesome to own a house in this place… It would cost a lot of money to restore it though.

We proceed uphill and we finally reach the place we are interested in, a little shrine. We do a quick replacement in the container (the old one was soaked in rain) and we see the path we want to follow: a pretty steep muddy road that seems to have been crossed by a tractor recently! The dawn is beginning to color the moutains on our back


Pinky mountain

The road is of course unpaved and it’s a bit of a slippery slope, but we manage to reachย  the next uncovered manor, Vigliano di Sopra (or, again, Villiano di Sopra depending on the sources). It’s huge and fully covered in vegetation, it’s a bit hard to reach one of the many entrances to see what’s inside.

As the last time in Pian di Bonaccio, we never cut any of this vegetation: we want to leave the place as we found it. It’s awesome to see what nature is capable of doing in just ~50 years. Nearby we also find a pretty big and out of place rock formations: it seems to be clay, but we see no water in the vicinity.

What kind of bird is this?

After leaving this place we arrive at a turn-left of the trail. This would bring us farther from our destination, so we decided to proceed out of the trail, in the middle of nothing, heading for the ridge.

After a lot of sweating we finally reach the ridge! The view from here is simply astonishing: clear sky, sun and a great landscape in the distance

We follow the path on the ridge trying to looking for Casetta di Costa, but we are not able to find it. After a while we see a little collapsed structure that could be a remnant of it (it’s to little to be a house, maybe a storage room?), and we decide to pose our cache here.

We track back on the ridge and we follow the path that seems to lead to Monte Prevaligo, the highest peak of this zone that overlook on Lozzole. When we are roughly at ~500 meters from it, we decide to leave the trail to find another abandoned manor that should be located in the vicinity, Casa Vecchia (Old House).

Lost in the Woods

We then reach another path (actually an old paved road), and we split to find the manor. After a couple of minutes I find it and wait for Elian to arrive. Since there’s no track of him I backtrack a little until I hear his voice calling for me. We then meet back… he tried to look for the house going out of the road and he got lost in the brambels ๐Ÿ˜€


We quickly go back to Casa Vecchia and we hide the last cache of the day there. This manor also crumbled down during the past years.

From there is all downhill: we follow this old road back to the point where we left the trail in the beginning and from here we go back to the shrine through Vigliano di Sopra. From there we make a quick detour to refill our canteens and drink. The water from the Fogare’s river is really fresh!

We directly go for the parking following the same way we came from: Vigliano di Sotto, Praticino and, finally Fantino


Here there’s another cache we can reactivate (we forgot about it at the beginning). We then finally leave happy of the exploration we had in the morning! A grand-total of 7 caches and 3 new manors discovered, not bad at all!

The current LCDS situation is depicted here below, updated also with some new name we found for already discovered manors!

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 14.48.55

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