Cached Them in Muddy Waters

After a lot of time (more than a year for sure) we are finally ready to do the complete Ceparano’s Ring! The day was not the clearest, since it had rain all night long and was still going a bit in the early morning. A lot of mud was ahead of us!


Mud all along!

But even before starting our hike, while we were still on the car, we saw a group of boars in the distance!


With this good omen upon our heads, we headed up to the Ceparano’s Tower, a place we’ve already seen a ton of times; the landscape is still awesome.

We quickly descend on the other side of the hill and we quickly reach our only deviation from the main trail: we in fact wanted to reach an abandoned manor we saw the last time we came here called Ca’ Sassello. On various map we saw a trail that would have to guide us there, but it was nowhere to be found… there was only a big wall of mixed vegetation.


We descended through all that vegetation

After dwelving between trees we finally arrived on a sort of plateau, from where we had a great view on a local geological site from Pliocene , called Spungone, riddled with caves.


One of our caches is hidden in the lower part of it

After a bit of soft walking we finally arrive on the back of the collapsed house. We quickly hide the cache with also a trackable in it, then we try to get in front of the manor: unfortunately the vegetation is really thick, so we are not really able to get good shots of its enterity.

We backtrack again through the vegetation and we are back on the main trail! The landscape going on is so scenic that we decide to hide another cache. Walking on the ridge give us a lot of fresh air, and the road gets muddier!

Looking back we see the tower: we got quite a bit of distance from it!


Going on the trail starts going downhill and it gets even muddier!

After a while the steep part finally ends, and we reach a very strange bridge: is made totally of metal parts and some iron cables: it’s used (probably by hunters) to cross the nearby Rio Albonello.

From here on it’s not mud anymore: we are basically walking on a little river. It’s easy to fall down so we proceed carefully and pretty slowly.

We then begin hearing a lot of barking: since I’m a bit scared from wild dogs I get a little discouraged, but luckily we quickly see that there’s a fence between us and them, so they are surely domesticated! And a little after this encounter, a magnificent vision come from above!

An horse is watching us from above! At a certain point it seems like he wants to jumps down, but obviously it stops behind the fence.


Do not jump down! It can’t hear us, it has airpods in!

We reach another bigger bridge, with a cascade coming down from a weir underneath it. The view is so beautiful that we decide to hide a geocache there.

And, finally, the trail is asphalted! From here on going onwards is a breeze: we quicken the pace due to the more comfortable surface and after two or three bends we see a very strange formation on a mountain on the side of the trail.


It seems like a pimple on the side of the mountain, but discussing bewtween us we convene that is an older layer of rock: in fact this kind of ridges, called Calanchi, are formed by the continuos slide of the rocks down from the mountain. Tha formation is probably a piece of it that never fallen. Very unique! It would be awesome to go on it, will try to understand how to reach it.

Following the road we start meeting some houses, and from one a dog comes out barking: it’s free!! I’m a bit scared but it seems very friendly.


A valiant hero joins the army: we named it Paolo/Spritz

From there on he leaded the way until the end of the hike! It was a great companion.

The landscape it’s still awesome on both sides of the trail.

After a bit we start coasting a big cultivated field where I see an hand-crafted electrified fence: it’s really a work of art! It is made to protect the filed from boars because they devastate every cultivation they reach rooting it. In the distance we also see San Giorgio in Ceparano church.


It’s not visitable because it’s on a private property, so we proceed past it and the road starts going again uphill. We pass near Mount Creta and we proceed to the starting point of the ring. I take some time to take take some more pictures of the surrounding landscapes.

Even if the weather was uncertain in the beginning, it was a great hike and I was finally able to see the whole ring!

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