Leading the Way

To change for once our activity we decided to plan a biking tour in the hills nearby. Obviously we are more hiking guys, so we have little experience in going by bike on long distances (uphill talking in particular), so we planned something taking into considerations all this factors (or at least we would have wanted to :D).

We meet and start our tour at 5:45 (a bit later than usual to avoid unfortunate encounters with speeding cars) and we head up to Oriolo, a nearby little hamlet.

The last part of the track is really steep and we are forced to go by foot, pushing the bike by hand. In the end we reach Oriolo when the sun has just arisen.

We take sometime to look for an hiding place (the Tower is accessible only during week-ends, so we immediately discard that). While we are looking around we notice a man spying us from his nearly closed window, probably suspicious about our unusual movements: we realize that no hiding place would be safe here so we follow the trail that will lead us to the next destination of our tour, Monte Brullo.

The path here is unpaved and also quite muddy, but a couple of meters after going into it we find the perfect place where to hide our cache: there’s a great panoramic point of view that perfectly suits us!

Hidden the little treasure we continue with our walk, with the quantity of mud increasing and the sky menacing rain. Moreover, after a little downhill path, we find also ourselves facing a pretty steep uphill path!

We climb up to the top and end into the main road just to discover that if we wouldn’t have left the road before we would have reached this point without all the effort in the mud. We ride on our bicycle for a couple of meters just to end again in some unpaved muddy road coasting a big cultivated field. The view is great, and I can’t even imagine how good it has to be during a summer sunny day,

After nearly 30 minutes of pushing our bicycle by hand (and after passing near Monte Brullo) we finally arrive on the asphalted road! From here things get a lot easier: we find ourselves near a local church, Santa Lucia, and from there we follow a couple of minor roads to the nearby main one: to reach it we cross a bridge hovering the Lamone river and it starts to rain softly. We cross the main road and we find ourselves again on some unpaved uphill road: this time luckily the part is really short, we come over a B&B and we quickly jump again on our bikes.

We in fact just arrived at the locally known Giro del Monte (Tour of the Mountain) that circumnavigate a nearby hamlet. After quite a long part of track on asphalted road we reach another local church, Santa Maria degli Angeli in Sarna, where we refill our canteens.

From here we quickly reach our final destination, Chiusa di Errano, a weir posed on the Lamone river. We hide there our second and final cache of the day and, going through Errano, we come back home.

Doing some part of our activity by bike is a great idea: there are in fact an infinity of places nearby where we could hide some caches and maintain them very easily: the only issue is that neither of us possess a mountain-bike, limiting the number of places we can visit. We will have to organize about this.

Next week, if the weather allow us, we will explore some unmarked path to find some abandoned houses!

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