Waterfalls in the Wood

After a very rainy May, summer has finally arrived! So we are on the trails again and we decided to go on a route amidst the woods that seemed very cool, the Anello di Capanna Marconi, starting from the good old Prato all’Albero. In ~1 hour we reach it by car and we start our weekly hike.

We quickly leave the asphalted road on the trail. The first stop is an hut called “I Piani“, one of the many open huts in this zone where anybody can stop and eat or sleep. We already have a reactivated cache there, we just want to enhance it!

As you can see, from now on we will label all our caches. From there we go back to our designated trail. The dirt is mixed with the old remains of the antique paved road (that once was probably the main one). We reactivate a nearby cache and we start going down in the woods.

We waded the river many times (Torrente Rovigo) and many parts of the trail are really muddy, so we decide to avoid the marked trail and go for a parallel one! It’s really sunny but with a winding breeze on our back, really the perfect day for a walk in the woods.

We arrive at a junction: we are going south (but we will surely explore the northern part in the future, there are many huts and managed shalters). In a matter of minutes we arrive at the best view of the day: an unique semicircular waterfall!

It’s really a special place, I never saw anything like that, and having a trail passing behind it was somewhat magical 🙂 Nearby we meet again the river we waded before. In this place there would be also room to take a bath in it, but maybe another time!

Going a bit uphill we reach a great viewpoint over another waterfall (on another river, Fosso dei Pianacci). Since the view is great we decide to hide another cache here and then we proceed on the trail.

After a while we reach another hut, Capanna Marconi. This will be a place we will remember for sure the next time we want to go out for a picnic or a BBQ, since all the equipment needed is already there 😀

We then close the loop going back to our car. A good beginning for our summer indeed!

Flower of the day

A new little excerpt about flowers: I bought a great book to identify them while I hike and everytime I will write a little piece about one I found during the walk

Today we have the Lotus Corniculatus (commonly known as common bird’s-foot trefoil). It’s very common and found up to 2700 meters over sea level. It can be found in meadows and farm-fields. Also the shape is pretty unique hence very easy to recognize!

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