Another trip around Lozzole to reactivate a cache along the main trail (the last we will place along CAI 529). Despite the rain I decide to leave home early and to park after Villa Fantino.

Along the path there are a few cache to do maintenance on: the first one is exactly nearby the parking zone, where I just replace the broken pencil. From here I proceed to Praticino, where again I replace the lost pencil.

From here I still proceed uphill. The weather is getting better and the sun begins to be visible while I’m going to Viliano.

Proceeding along the track there’s a creek to wade and then the road proceed to the biggest manor of the zone, Stabbia! For many years it has been the summer residence of a cardinal (Cattani). You can see, in fact, that this house is way bigger than the others, having also a nearby crumbled down chapel and another building that seems to be the remnant of a stable.

I quickly find the old cache that I already logged in the past and I reactivate it. From here the road leads to Fintomorto.

Finally I’m on the last bit of the trail before arriving in Lozzole, where I take a quick break to eat something!

But this place, that is usually the ending point, today is just a step on a bigger trip. From here I go uphill to east, heading to Mt. Prevaligo, the highest peak in the zone. The way is quiet and I can see some great landscapes towards south

Meanwhile I also stumble upon the old graveyard. Nowadays is of course not used but is still in good shape.

At the end of this final slope I finally reach the top of the mountain. There’s nothing to be seen from here, since I’m completely surrounded by trees, but it’s the crossroad of many different tracks.

The top of Mt. Prevaligo

Since I was not able to find the abandoned house I expected on the way here, homonym of the mountain, I decide to hide a cache here. I backtrack to look for another abandoned house in the vicinity, La Penta, and I immediately encounter a fork that seems the one to go on.

La Penta should be down there, somewhere.

I immediately leave this newfound trail because I can see the house’s roof in the distance, but it immediately disappear amidst the trees: I’m diving in vegetation between ferns, thorns and logs.

Suddenyl I find myself in a little clearing amongst some trees and from there I can finally see the house!

It’s a very isolated location: ferns are high everywhere and this means that no one has been there in quite a long time. Once hidden the cache I try to guess where I should go to go back on the main trail and, after a little while, I discover what seems to be and old path.

From here in a short time I’m back on the main track, east of Fintomorto, and in a little while I’m back at the car. It was a great hike with a good dose of “woods”: that’s always a good thing 🙂


Today’s flower is, with great probability, the Centranthus ruber (known as red valerian). Typical of mediterranean country, it was also imported in many other countries as an ornamental plant.

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