Climbing on the Ridge

Today’s tour will be a little improvised: I’m alone, so I’m going to reactivate an old cache by fabio4x4 in Gamogna, where I went in a past adventure. Then I will decide how to proceed from there! I park in Ponte della Valle, from where I usually hike to Trebbana, but this time I’m headed in the opposite direction, to the other group of mountains.

The very first part of the hike is pretty simple, on asphalted road. There are no cars in sight (it’s still 6AM after all), so I proceed quitely. After a few turns I reach Val di Noce, the last group of houses reachable along this road, before going into private property. There is also a bus stop, but unfortunately it’s served only twice a day.

After a bit I arrive at the gate where I left the car the last time (meanwhile I discovered is not a safe place where to park, this is why I left the car in Ponte della Valle!). From here i quickly get to Rio di Mesola from where I ascend along the official trail (CAI 521A) that will guide me exactly at the hermitage.

Now the real slope begins: it’s not anything difficult, but as always happens the first efforts are the worst one. I walk amongst the woods, with some breaches on wonderful landscapes.

I finally reach the Hermitage territory, signaled by many warning signs asking for silence. The tracks stops exactly at the old graveyard, where there’s also a war memoriale in honor of partisans Bruno Neri and Vittorio Bellenghi, shot by nazis. I place a cache here, since I think it’s a place to be discovered.

Reaching the Hermitage from here is a matter of minutes, after merging into the larger main road that, starting in Val di Noce, allows cross-country vehicles to arrive here. Once in the space in fronf of the church I take a look around: I would love to get inside and take some pictures, but there’s someone praying and I don’t want to bother them. I reach the back side of the complex, near the old sundial, and I reactivate the cache.

To decide of to proceed I simply open the map: the nearest peak that let me do a bit of a roundtrip is Monte Val del Calvo, so I head there. I already decide that, to go back to the starting point, I will complete a path that is mapped only partially, but it will obviously link to an already mapped road.

I completed the green-dotted line, but it was clear that there was a path linking the two brown lines.

So I head west, where I see on the map a little chapel: once there I discover it was built in honor to Padre Daniele Badiali. I never hiked over Gamogna, so from here on I don’t really know what to expect. I go back into the woods and I keep going uphill, up to a little junction on a little saddle on the ridge between Monte Gamogna and Monte Val del Calvo.

From this point the funny part begins: the track is marked as alpine/bad visibility, and to be fair is not always clear where to go. It’s a continous up and down on the rocks and I get many times stucked in impasses where the choice is between jumping into the void or going back and try another way. On the other hand the view is flabbergating. I can see the whole zone that from Marradi goes up over Passo dell’Eremo, reaches Passo della Peschiera (the border between Toscana and Emilia-Romagna) to then go down towards San Benedetto in Alpe. It’s uncharted territory for me, but seeing it from up here I can’t wait to hike there!

I keep going up and down, but suddenly I find myself on the wrong way and I reach the road that would bring me back to the graveyard, near a big cross :-/ Luckily a nearby trail will take me again on the correct trail.

I keep going onto the rocks, nearly climbing in certain places, but at the end I finally reach the top of Monte Val del Calvo. The view is amazing, as it was all along the way. Of course I hide another cache, for whomever will want to climb up here. After some shots (and some seflies) I start going downhill towards the road I was on before.

I decide to take a shortcut, because the marked way makes a wide ring. It was not a good choice: I have to proceed carefully, nearly vertically in smoe places and at the end I have to make a jump of nearly 1.5 meters. Luckily I don’t get hurt. I begin to backtrack the main road, looking for some useful deviation on the left. I find one after a bit and I go toward east.

Now we dwelve into exploration! I know there are two group of abadoned houses somewhere, but they are not marked on OSM. I find the first one immediately (Tramanzo di Sopra) and it’s nearly covered in vegetation. The trail is not used very much and I als encounter 2 deers (or at least I think they were deer :D). The first one stops for a while in front of me, but at every attemp I make to take out the camera it starts to move, so I cannot take a picture. I didn’t see the second one, but I clearly heard it running away while I was on a part of track with the grass taller then me. He ran away when I was probably at 5 meters from it: I almost had a stroke for the sudden noise. I keep going downhill, into the woods, until I reach the second locality, Tramanzo di Sotto. Beign it easily reachable from the valley, I decide to hide here the last cache of the day (and, while I’m writing this post, it has already been logged by some tourists!).

I keep going until I reach Trebbo di Badia: here I merge back for the last time into the main road that leads to Gamogna. I follow it downhill and I quickly get to the junction I passed over this morning, near Val di Noce. I turn left and in a matter of minutes I’m back to the parking: it was a great walk, highly suggested on sunny days to enjoy the great scenery from the ridge!


This recognizable flower is the Lilium Bulbiferum, also known as Orange Lily. It’s a tipycal European flowers, that usually grows alone or in pairs. Very easy to recognize due to its unique orange color. It grows in fields up to 1500 meters on the level of the sea

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