Partisans’ Loop

Having decided to concentrate our explorations in nearby zones (less car, more hiking), I decide to go for a loop my uncle suggested me years ago, when I re-started going out, that is located near Sant’Eufemia (a little hamlet south of Fognano). From here there’s an asphalted road that goes uphill and will lead you to Santa Maria in Gorgognano (once known as Santa Maria in Purocielo), starting point of my hike.

From here starts the CAI 579 trail, named Partisans’ Trail. It’s a roundtrip that will lead you in the palces where the Battle of Purocielo (also known as Battle of Ca’ Malanca) was fought in October 1944 between Partisans and German troops. So it will be a trip mixing historical informations! I follow the main trail uphill directed to Ca’ di Gostino.

Once reached Ca’ di Gostino you can decide to proceed both on the right and on the left: being it a roundtrip you will still come back here. I decide to proceed right and, after skirting the Rio Purocielo, I dwelve into the woods. In some points the trail mixes with the empty creek bed, but I’m able to follow the trail.

The way keeps going uphill and it quickly leads me to the first group of abandoned houses, Poggio Termine di Sotto. I check my map to be sure I’m on the right track and I keep going on.

After a couple of minutes I reach another group of abandoned houses, Poggio Termine di Sopra, where there’s another signpost about the Battle. The track really begins to going uphill!

After a few curves I join the CAI 505 trail (the 2 tracks merge for a little part). I’m still going uphill for a little while and, finally, I’m on the ridge towards Monte Cece (at least I think!). The landscape, as usual, is gorgeous.

At the end of the ridge I finally reach Ca’ di Malanca. Here I find many memorials of the battle and there’s also a permanent museum about the Resistance (since it’s very early in the morning it’s closed). It’s also a good place where to stop eating something due to the many pic-nic tables. Moreover it’s basically in the midlle of the CAI 505 trail, so if you want to do it in its entirity (from Faenza to Colla di Casaglia) this is the suggested place where to sleep. I decide to hide here the first cache of the day (it’s relly sad that this whole zone has no cache hidden. The whole zone between Brisighella and Marradi is totally empty!).

Now the way is all downhill! The hike becomes really easy and quick: I merge back with the nearby country road headed to Mount Colombo.

While I’m nearly at the top my radio begins to crackle: finally I connect with somebody! I’m able to communicate my position but I can’t clearly understand what the other person is saying: later at home I will discover that the communication came from Veneto, at nearly 180km of distance… not bad at all! I slightly depart from the track to climb up Monte Colombo, where there’s a big cross, and to hide another cache.

Now I go back on the track and I go by many inhabited farms: Ca’ di Marcone, Piano di Sopra and finally I go back to Ca’ di Gostino. In this last part the track was wrong on OpenStreetMap (referring to a non-existent way) but I corrected it!

At this point the bell tower appears in the distance. I hide the last cache of the day (when I started I wasn’t able to find a good spot) and I go back home.

This hike was very cool, it’s easy and suggested to everybody!


Today’s flower is very common but very cool: common chicory (Cichorium intybus) is of a very distinguishable light blue color. It’s one of the earliest recorded plant ever in history (it appears in papyrus going back to 1500 B.C.) and it grows in all of Italy.

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