In the Fogare’s Valley

Last tour of this two-weeks hiking tour-de-force, this time alone. I choose a reactivation trail along a loop I planned quite some time ago, but with a couple of deviation (since I have all day free). The zone is the one that I know the most, nearby Lozzole, but without arriving at the nearby church. I park the car in the same spot after Villa Fantino, but instead of going along the path I follow the main road.

I leave the road to follow another trail going uphill, the CAI 551, that from here it follows up to Lozzole. The first stop I reach is the Punta di Zanella, a little mountain on the way. The slope is pretty demanding but there are a couple of panoramic points worth it. At the top I decide to hide a cache and take a little breathe.

From here, after a little downhill path, I reach the first junction: the way keeps goind down, but I decide to take the uphill way. The next destination is, in fact, another abandoned house. Following the Marradi’s loop i firstly reach the Prati Piani hut where I stop to eat something and then I follow the CAI 581 trail to the Cigno‘s ruin This place is sadly famous because during a particularly freezing winter a whole family died here. On the back of the house there’s a great panoramic point and I decide to leave here another cache. I then backtrack to the previous junction and begin going down.

From here on there will be a lot of cache to reactivate (some of them were already logged by me and Elian on a previous hike) and some I didn’t log. Unfortunately at the first house there’s a sad surprise: Pian delle Fagge, probably the biggest house of the entire valley, is under demolition. Of the 3 original buildings only the smallest one is still standing. Of course also the cache has disappeared: I decide to hide a new one nearby.

From here the way is more plain and it goes through many abandoned houses: Le Fogare, La Lastra, Ca’ del Piano e Ca’ di Bonaccia. In all of this places I reactivate the old cache. Once passed the last house of the list I leave the CAI trail and, after going along a ridge, I begin coasting the Fogare’s creek: even if it’s summer there’s plenty of water and many ponds would be cool to have a bath, but I decide to just refresh my feet.

Time for the last cut: very well hidden nearby the creek there’s a little path going up that should lead me to the final abandoned house of the day, Vallombrosa. Of course I immediately lose it and I find myself climbing up a big rock, amidst the brambles. Luckily in the end I’m back on the trail and I reach the group of houses, where I hide another container.

Time to complete the loop: back on the trail that coast the creek and I follow it up to Casetto di Sotto, one of the few inhabited house of the zone. On the way I reactivate the last 2 caches and I join the road that goes up to Lozzole, where instead I go downhill to the car.

It was an awesome loop, that finally brought me to see this beautiful creek I heard about a long time ago.

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