A cool preview

After the 2 DNF in a cache we recently hide, I decide to go back at Sambuca’s Pass. I park nearby the Spiagge restaurant and then I begin dwelving into the woods, towards Rovigo’s River, headed toward our cache. The track pass nearby Mulino dei Diacci, in the vicinity of the Abbraccio’s Fall, then folds toward west and, in a matter of minutes, I reach GZ. The container is perfectly in its place, so I hide it again and back to the car.

I go back on the car and towards Sambuca’s Pass, where I park again. This is surely a good starting place for a lot of hiking tours I could do: since I “wasted” a bit of time in maintenance, I decide to go along the main way to let some inspiration from the various sign along the way. A bit aside from the asphalted road there’s another parking where a lot of trails begin from: I enter into the CAI 701 (a pretty long track that goes down towards Borgo Tossignano) and I go up from there.

The track has a lot of panoramic point of view and I cross many junctions. There would be also quite a bit of caches to find, but I decide to focus on the last three I will find onwards. There’s really a lot of choice about where to go the next time: I find myself on the natural border between many vallets and there are so many trails coming from every direction. The day, moreover, is really sunny and I can enjoy a nice view around me. I keep going north, headed towards “Cimone della Bastia”. I pass nearby a group of abandoned houses, la Faina, and I quickly reach another junction nearby Poggio Roncaccio.

Poggio Roncaccio is a great place where to climb up to have a full view of the surroundings (and there’s also a cache hidden there, that I reactivate). There are a couple of tables here, so it would also be a great place to have a picnic. It’s really hot (it’s midday after all) and this place is really exposed, so I quickly come back down and proceed along the main trail. At the next junction I have a quick detour on the right for another cache and an even more astonishing panoramic view. Proceeding down would bring me to Piedimonte, but this will be for another hike!

I’m nearby my destination where the last cache awaits. The place is called “Cimone della Bastia” and it’s on the side of the main trail. After a quick stop I turn around and come back from where I arrived. It was a nice and pretty short trip, but I was able to note down many places that I want to visit in the future: I think I will be back here shortly 🙂

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