The other side of the Gypsum Vein

Today I’m not alone: an old co-worker of mine will come with me through this new adventure! We drive up to Borgo Tossignano, where we have a quick breakfast at the local bar, then we park nearby the graveyard. Starting there we will follow the CAI 705 trail for a good portion of it.

The initial part is all uphill going into the old part of the hamlet: the first junction is not well marked and we lose it, but with a bit of backtracking we begin to dwelve down into the surrounding fields, going over the Sgarba’s creek. At this point the path begins to go uphill again, with even more ascent before us. We are on an exposed part but, luckily, it’s pretty cloudy so we don’t suffer from the sun. The path is really scenic, with many amazing views on Tossignano and the sorroundings mountains. After quite some dropped sweat we reach “Passo della Pre’“.

Now the terrain is way more rocky than before but with basically no slope: we just have to be aware to not fall down. After a bit of this perilious track we reach Ca’ di Budrio, another saddle with an inhabited hosue on it: it’s the official border between the districts of Ravenna and Bologna and a junction between many different paths.

At this point we head west again, from where we came, but following another path: we are headed to Villa Banzole (I already went there quite some time ago), an abandoned manor that was the biggest one in the regional park. We quickly reach it and take a look around: everything is crumbled down but it’s still pretty cool.

From here back to Tossignano is a matter of less than an hour: the sun is coming out and it’s becoming pretty hot, but we swiftly arrive at the car. It has been a cool hike on a side of the Gypsy Vein park I never explored!

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