My first train-hiking

Yes, it’s been a while since the last time I posted: this because it’s a very busy period at work and I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with my blog. In fact the hike I will talk about today was performed BACK IN AUGUST! I’m still a lot behind schedule but I will try to do a bunch of posts in the next days.

As you can see from the title this was the first time I was able to do an hiking without taking the car: I would love to dismiss my car for hiking purpose, but the lack of public transportation (expecially so early in the morning) make it nearly impossible for me.

The train station at 5AM

So I head by train to Crespino del Lamone, a city from where I began a lot of past hikings, which is luckily directly connected to Faenza by train. From there the plan is pretty simple: go up along CAI 547 then find a way to do go back to the starting point in time to catch the train (I have to leave Faenza for my vacation in the early afternoon!).

I didn’t chose this route randomly: two weeks ago there was a fire in the woods and I want to check the forest status in the zone with my own eyes. So I quickly find the trailhead and head into the woods. The beginning is pretty steep, but it becomes pretty straightforward in a little bit: I reach a shrine in memory of an hiker (at least it seems) and after a couple of turns a great view appears in front of my eyes.

From here on I enter in the “fire” zone, as it’s clearly visible from the burnt tree. Luckily it seems that it was quickly dispatched, since the burnt zone is pretty limited. While I’m here I also hear the bells from nearby Casaglia, another hamlet smaller than Crespino.

At this point I proceed up to the junction with the CAI 505 (I’ve been at this junction at least another 2 times, but coming from another way), keep going north then, at the junction with CAI 531, turn east towards Prati Piani chalet. The idea is to follow the whole trail back to Crespino.

From here one the way is downhill, but it’s getting a little later than I thought in the beginning, and I have to hurry because I have to catch the train in time! I climb on the Archetta peak, then proceed to Prati Piani chalet. Then I really increaase the pace and descend the mountain in no time.

At this point I’ve reached Bibbiana, a group of houses which was fairly abandoned the last time I was here, but seems to have been pretty much rebuilt completely to allow people to live there. The way to Crespino from here is quick and I reach the train station in little time.

Of course I arrive at the station just in time… but the train has been delayed, so I have to wait there ~30 minutes. The station is really small and there’s not much to do, but I can rest a bit while waiting.

It has been a great experience, and I can’t wait to repeat it in the future!

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