Again in the Gypsum Vein

Contrary to the last one, this hike was pretty short: this doesn’t mean that it was not worth it. I just wanted to add some other caches to our first serie, [PPVG], and meanwhile finish mapping a couple of trails: CAI 513 and CAI 511. I park my car with darkness still surrounding me nearby Cassano (a farm) and then I head for the nearest signpost, leading the way.

The way (AS ALWAYS) begin with an uphill slope through the woods that heads towards some farms and, while I’m ascending, the sun is going higher and higher. Is always amazing to see it and it will never be enough. It always baffle me how the thing you love never cease to amaze you while, for other people, are nothing to be impressed of: the human mind is really full of surprises.

I finally reach Ca’ Castellina di Sopra, where I will end in hiding the cache. The position is optimal to have a complete view of the surroundings and there’s also a bit of historical information: infact there’s an old lapis specularis quarry, now not used anymore, that was mined from the Romans also. I stand on a nearby hill and look around to enjoy, finally, the complete sunrise.

Now the way goes pretty much downhill until I reach Ca di Faggia’s saddle, a place I already went a couple of times since it’s the junction of many different trails. This time, however, I take a turn where I never went before: towards the main ridge, to enjoy some more scenery. While I’m there I pass over Banditi’s cave, another place I already talked about, and I’m also able to exchange some radio communication along the way!

Time for the last bit: I head towards Monte Mauro but, instead of reaching for the hermitage, I take another way that brings me quickly back to the starting point, nearby Cassano.

What can I say that’s is not the same thing I always write? It was amazing and it’s ALWAYS worth it even when, like in this case, the hike is not that long.

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