The Third Age has began

In this day of COVID-19 quarantine I have some time to think about where I want to head with my blog: so I began “refactoring” it.

As I said in the last post the main aim will probably move from geocaching to hiking in the near future, so I reordered a bit the content to reflect that.

Moreover, the equipment section had an huge overhaul to give more emphasis to the producer of the item, not the online-store who sells it.

The next post will follow a more blended technical-emotional approach, if I’m able to.

Last but not least I changed the title of the blog. Even in this you can see a sort of personal journey. It began as geocachernoob, then geocachehiker and now a more clean Hiking Around: I don’t know if and when I will change the url too, if this new approach sticks to me I will probably make it “official”.

See you in the next adventure!

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