Early morning in Ca’ di Budrio

This time I’m instead able to organize an early morning wake up, and moreover I’m not alone! My cousin will be with me (he’s an early bird too luckily :D) and I plan accordingly for a small rout on a part of the Gypsum Vein I still have to explore, starting from Borgo Rivola.


Borgo Rivola120mN44°15’40.06”
Junction to Sasso Letroso277mN44°15’33.08”
E011° 39′ 10.19”
Poggio Peloso323mN44°15’36.84”
Ca’ di Budrio410mN44°15’29.01”
Sasso Letroso279mN44°15’27.00”
Borgo Rivola120mN44°15’40.06”


You can download this trip GPX here.


Appennino Faentino – Edizione 2019 (Dream Italia) – 1:25000 – (instruction to buy online-edition are here)

As I was saying we began in early morning, with darkness still surrounding. The air was fresh but we could barely see around us (I always have my headlamp in this cases, but I light it on only if necessary). The first part will be on CAI 705A trail, then we will go onto a part of CAI 705 that I still have to see. We proceed along an asphalted road for a while, until we reach the junction where we need to head right. There are dogs barking in the distance, but they seem enclosed (since I don’t hear the barking coming closer). We reach another junction where we decide to proceed forward and to come back from the other way later in a loop. An animal moves in the meadow below: a wolf? A deer? We don’t know, there’s still not much light to see. We proceed forward up to Poggio Peloso, a little group of houses.

The sun begin to rise and we can finally see far from some panoramic viewpoint. We dwelve into the woods as we pass nearby some little caves too. We reach another group of houses, Ca’ Siepe, and from here we proceed on the left. It doesn’t take to much at this point to reach Ca’ di Budrio where we decide to turn back on the left to complete the loop.

And this is the most majestic part of the route: the sun is just up enough to enlighten the valley, a group of boars cross us on the way (the mother with her babies) and we can see every afar. It’s simply stunning, there’s no other word to describe it. We proceed along the ridge, as the sun continue to rise.

We finally arrive at Sasso Letroso, the little church that will complete our loop. Unfortunately is closed (and to this day I still haven’t found a clue about who to contact to visit it) but it’s pretty nice from the outside. In less than 30 minutes we are back to our car: the trip was short but the view was amazing, as it always is in the early morning!

Stay tuned for the next post, that will be pretty pivotal 🙂

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