You want to start and don’t know what you need? Probably nothing more than your smartphone, but if like me you want to become a bit more invested in this game, let me give you some hint on what I would suggest to bring. I will list here the current equipment I take with me when I go out for some geocaching and hiking (so when I go a bit further than usual!). All the links are redirecting to my affiliate Amazon program, so if you buy anything from these I will earn a little bit of money 🙂

  • eTrex 20x: this is the first thing I bought when I started. It’s my current GPS hand-unit I use, where I load all the maps/waypoints about the tour I want to make. I usually use QMapShack to plan the route (more info about this in the software section) and also make sure to bring with me an extra pair of batteries. It’s a really cool product and the ratio between price and quality is top notch;
  • Mountaintop DSM6000: my backpack. It has a lot of space and again the price it’s really good. Very flexible and has many side-pocket that I use for the items I need to have a quick access to. When I started I used a smaller backpack I already had at home, but now that I bring much more stuff with me it became kind of essential;
  • Merrell – Moab Mid Gtx: trekking shoes I bought as soon as I started hiking since I had no real good one for it. A really good investment, cause they are also waterproof, so I can easily wade small rivers. Will probably upgrade to some trail shoes in a short while, will keep this updated;
  • CMP Pile: I’m not a person that usually suffer from cold, but surely I wouldn’t have been able to pass through fall/winter walks without this pile. Very comfortable, it’s really not weighing on my shoulders and keep me safe from razor wind and similar weather conditions;
  • Midland G9 PMR446: this one is probably the latest addition to my equipment, but it’s really useful. In Italy, there’s a recent project, called RERAMONET, where you can freely subscribe and use a common radio-channel to notify other hikers about where you are and your trip plan. In this way, if something goes wrong and you are not able to contact emergency support, at least someone knows where you were the last time you contacted the channel. I find this service amazing, hence I bought the radio to use it;
  • Trekking Socks: it may seem silly, but having a good pair of socks can make the difference between a nice walk and a foot full of blisters;
  • EZVIZ S1 and some extra tools: I decided to do some trying with an action cam, and this one was one of the cheapest. It has a good quality and a lot of tools, the only thing in which it lacks is probably stabilization. Other from that I can easily record even full hiking trip;
  • Many paper maps: they are usually not found online, because of course, you need the one of your specific zone, but I like to have them for two reasons: they are cool and if the GPS in any way fails, you can at least be sure to not get completely lost;
  • Whistle/Thermometer/Compass: bought it at a local sportive store because of the really low price, the whistle can be handy if you need to notify your position;
  • Petzl Tikkina headlamp: this has been very useful for all the times, expecially in autumn/winter, in which I found myself at early morning with little to no visibility. Really light and easily wereable, it does a lot of light;
  • Geocaching stamp: because why not? It has my name on it, the word “TFTC” and the image of an hiker;
  • Marmot Hat: very comfortable hat for the freezy days;
  • Ziener gloves: slim gloves, they let you have grip on anything and still be very protected;
  • Bug’s repellent: when going in spring/summer, many bugs wake up and are only waiting for your undercovered skin to feast on: better keep them away;
  • First Aid Kit: you never know when anything could go wrong: having a set of scissors, bandages and other basics can really save your walk from some nasty nuisances;
  • Compass: with today technologies this is really not mandatory, but since I want to learn how to orient myself simply with a compass and a map, I grabbed one.